Thursday, 23 February 2012

After a 6 week hiatus, the Bull and Striker are back online, baby!!!!


And a good evening to you from the homeland after another GREAT DAY in the Queen City.  That's right, although it's 5 weeks later than promised, the Bull is making good on his promise to begin blogging again!  Tonight's just a quick one to ensure that the Terrier doesn't burn my house down, and I don't even have any pictures to contribute to the mix this evening.  However, as I've been missing the blog and have a promise to keep, I did want to let the readership (what's left of it, that is :-)) know that beginning next week I'm going to start with weekly updates.

I expect the first couple of weeks to be a hodgepodge of catchup blogs and current experiences, and I'd think it's safe to say that folks might find it a bit tame, especially since we're trading far off places for Frosty's, mountain climbing for McFlurries, and beaches for beers (not that there was ever a shortage of those over the past 2.5 years).  In fact, I expect Ash, Hitman, and the rest of the gang will actually be quite disappointed to know that the only constant they can expect is a running journal, as I'm just 5 weeks from the Knoxville Covenant Health Half Marathon, baby!!!!  Incidentally, tonight was a 10.5 miler - who's gonna be sore tomorrow?  THIS GUY...

Also, I realize that I owe everyone an HK recap AND Muffin Puffin is overdue for Australia and India (to say nothing of her adventures back stateside), and we WILL get to those.  For now, however, I just wanted to say hey to everyone who's periodically checking this (as well as those that are getting the autoupdates) and confirm that Team Taylor COULD NOT BE HAPPIER to be back on American soil.  We've managed 6 states in 6 weeks so far during our time home (NC, TN, SC, VA, WVA, and GA), with the next state - the Silver State of Nevada and the land of VEGAS, BABY - coming up in March.  In fact, when I board the flight (at 5:59 PM on 7 March - not that I'm counting the minutes or anything), it will have been 9 weeks since my last flight.  For the record - that will end the longest stretch between flights I've had in the past FOUR YEARS.  But I must confess - it's been nice to be a penguin for the first 2 months of the year.

Terrier - I hope I'm back in your good graces.  If I'm not, well, YOU'RE FIRED.

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print.  Props to FSU for keeping it close - hard to beat a team that shoots 47% from behind the arc.  Chat next week, when we begin the recap of Team Taylor's visit to HK!!!


(thrilled to be back home on purple couch!) Sam and Jenny

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