Saturday, 30 July 2011

Into the Woods, and Out of the Woods, and home before dark - again...

And a good Saturday morning to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!!!! So last night Team Taylor had an EXCELLENT start to the weekend, as we hit up the Esplanade theater for a production of wait for it...wait for it...INTO THE WOODS! That's right, baby - Team Taylor got their second viewing of this show in as many years, seeing it almost one year after the viewing in Regent's Park.
We met up with Sarah about 7:40 and rocked over to the Esplanade theater, which is the nicest (and largest) theater in Singapore. I'd been to this theater before (Rocky Horror Show - "Let's...dooooooo the Time....Warp....AGAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!), but last time I'd sat on the 8th row and consequently didn't realize how HUGE this place was. We were in the 4th level this time (Grand Circle), but the seats were still EXCELLENT (and cheap!). However, we did have these 2 cats in front of us (the "metronome twins" I called them) who were TOTALLY fine until the second the show started, at which point they leaned all the way forward in their seats and rested their heads on the rail at the edge of the balcony. Now, whilst this was annoying (as I head to lean forward to have a clear view of the stage), it would have been fine if these 2 little Clockwork Oranges had just remained that way. However, clearly they'd forgotten their Ritalin, as they were bouncing around like JACK RUSSELL @#$#ING TERRIERS the ENTIRE SHOW. Seriously, moving their heads, sitting back, pointing out things, checking their phones. And when you add in the little kid beside me asking him mom to explain the show AND the homeboy whow as hocking snot rockets the entire time, I was left wondering "WHY ARE AUDIENCES IN SINGAPORE SOOOOOO BIZARRE!?!?!?!" However, by and large folks were quiet (WAY better than the Lion King), and given the size of stage (HUGE), I was able to see everything clearly and really was able to enjoy the show.
As for the performance itself, it was a lot of fun. The staging, acting, set, and costumes were EXCELLENT, and the choreography was REALLY well done. Vocally, these group wasn't nearly as strong as the London cast (or the Walters State cast, for the record...okay, just kidding...), but the performance was very entertaining and definitely GREAT value for the money. It was odd to see a complete Asian cast performing European fairy tales, but it really made the experience that much more interesting and entertaining. On the whole, it was DEFINITELY worth $45 USD.
After the show, Team Taylor said farewell to Sarah and rocked over to Barossa, where we sat down for a nice relaxing pint of Archipelago Brewing before having a nice walk home by the river. It had been a hell of a week, so it was great to end with a nice show, a good beer, and a cool breeze blowing along the river. The water show has finally started at the Marina Bay Sands (think Bellagio - just a wee bit smaller), and so JT got some GREAT shots of the city lit up at night.
We then came home to watch a little "Modern Family" (almost done with Season 1) and hit the sack, where we cashed in for 9 GLORIOUS hours, which is pretty much more sleep than I got the ENTIRE WEEK in Hong Kong.
And speaking of Hong Kong, the Bull is going to treat the readership to a second post today, as I want to go ahead and roll through HK to try and get everyone caught up on the life and times.
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!
Sam and Jenny

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