Saturday, 5 June 2010

A great day out with the Tacy family in the Smoke...


And a good evening to you after another GREAT DAY in the Mother Country. Today was one of those days where all was right with the world - amazing weather, plenty of sights, great food, and a couple pints of Timmy Taylor to tie it all together. But I get ahead of myself, let's move back to the 9:30 wake up.

So we woke up and rolled out to the Prince Regent around 10:30. Now, it's worth noting that Bob & Jan don't quite LOVE food the way Puffin and I do. Consequently, whilst Tigs and I each crushed a full English Breakfast, the Tacy's split one (and gave me their black pudding, of course - I'm such a schemer). However, we did catch them in the act of putting it away...

Next up - the British Library. They've rotated the stock! I got to see lots of new stuff, including two of Scott's original diaries! We saw his entry from the day they arrived at the Pole (no Tait - not Blue Movie style) and the day that one of the party died. Since Scott is a hero of mine (much like Shackleton), this was truly a highlight. Plus, I had 2 big wins in the "map" category. For starters, they've changed out the maps on display. That is AWESOME, because today I saw the first ever "tourist map" of Europe, dating to just before 1500. I also saw the first map of "New Amsterdam," which we now call "Manhattan." SO COOL. The other good news is that they now have a temporary exhibition of maps from the map room! A little back story here -I tried to get into the map room in 2005 whilst visiting J-Wade, and they SHOT ME DOWN. Now, however, they are bringing the maps to me. It's all comin' full circle...

Next up was the British Museum, where I lead the clan on the usual tour of the key artifacts. VA - since walking you through there, I've named my tour the "48 minute tour of the history of the world," but it was more like 70 minutes today. That being said, they were big fans of the Elgin Marbles, and so we took a considerable amount of time there.

After that, it was a brief stop at Starbucks (KJ - Chai Latte for me - aren't you proud?) before rolling on the Pic line down to Harrod's, where we spend BILLIONS on designer dresses...I mean rode the escalators and wandered through the food halls (it should be noted that Bob said riding the escalators was the highlight of his day - clearly I SUCK as a tour guide).

From there, we rolled back to Bond Street (the Tube was CHAOS), where we had dinner at Pontefract Castle (SO GUUUUUUUUUUD) before rolling home to pack for our respective vacations. This is a good segueway, as I'm not sure if they'll be a blog tomorrow (it all depends on cost). Here's the deal - Muffin Puffin is taking her folks to Ireland for the next 5 days (don't worry, I'll make her blog about it), and I'm flying out tomorrow morning for...wait for it...wait for it...AMSTERDAM, BABY!!!! That's right - I'm taking the next 3 days and going to Amsterdam to hang with mum, working from the Bank office on Monday and Tuesday. As fate would have it, it's right beside the (uber posh) hotel that mom's picked. GOOD JOB, MOMMA! And speaking of - check out this photo of Dora The Explorer...I mean Mom on the top of Mt. Pilatus - full marks.

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow (maybe)!


Sam and Jenny

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