Saturday, 26 June 2010

Real-time post: A scorching day and a battle for the USA...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond after another GREAT DAY in the Mother Country. Okay, at the risk of turning the blog into something akin to a "Lost" episode, I'm going to by-pass a few catch-up blogs and give you a real time update tonight from today's festivities. And whilst they don't necessarily have a thriling ending, it was a good day all the same.

So we woke up about 10:30 this morning with the plan of taking showers, drinking coffee, and waiting for the Tacy's (lofty goals, I know). However, we'd been awake for about 90 seconds when the doorbell rang, announcing the return of Bob and Jan. Since I was shower bound, I was BUTT NAKED, but luckily I found a pair of 14 year old hole-filled boxers and opened the door. As always, I'm sure I looked HOT (but for the record - no one called me fat today - although I'm sure a lot of you are thinking it...).

We sat around chatting until about 1, at which point we went to Regent's Park to look at the Rose Gardens. Let me say it again - REAL MEN LOVE GENETICALLY ALTERED FLOWERS. THE CRAFT HAS MERIT (props to Schill dog for the original permutation of that joke). I can confirm that the flowers were beautiful, and we strolled around the gardens for a bit, taking in the sunshine.

After that we hopped the Tube down to Piccadilly Circus. We then walked through Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, and Covent Garden before settling in for the evening featured activity: WORLD CUP. We rolled over to the Porterhouse, where we sat with some Irish Guys and watched Uruguay vs. South Korea. The game was great, but it wasn't nearly as entertaining as Bob Tacy's best 3 comments of the day:

1. "Hey - we just got back from Ireland! We drove the Ring of Fire." (They cackle and then start singing Johnny Cash.)

2. "Hey - is your friend gone? Because I really want his seat since it has a back." (The friend returns about 4 seconds later, but they let Bob keep the seat. However, they do say, "Well, mate - it's your round." Bob was somewhat confused...)

3. "You know - soccer would be a lot more interesting if they would remove the goal keepers." (There was no response to this - nor should there have been.)

It was a great match, and props to both sides for a good game. We then rolled back to Marylebone, where I went to the Masons Arms for the first half of the USA match. Puffin and her folks joined me, but when they learned they didn't serve food on Saturdays, they went back to the flat. I watched the first half there and the second half back home, and I type this knowing that Africa is ALIVE with dancing whilst we are going home. However, props to the US squad, as they fought hard and, in my opinion, put up a good showing.

Tomorrow it's off to Paris for me, but on the train I'll type up catch-up blog #2. It won't have the great photos until I get home, but I want to ensure you guys get caught up in the lives of Mr. & Mrs. Assignee 47.

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!

Sam and Jenny

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