Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A moment's peace before the fray begins again...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond after another GREAT DAY in the Mother Country. First off - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, T-BONE!!!! That's right, folks - everyone's favorite half-kiwi hits the big 3-2 today. T-bone - here's to celebrating it next year with the Cowtown HALF marathon (no way I'm doin' the full, dude - I'm too old for that).

The Land's End Challenge ratcheted up further today, with Sammy logging 30 km on the bike. Tomorrow I'll do a brick (bike and run), or at least that's the plan. That being said, I will definitely need to get some sleep tonight to rest these legs.

On the literature front, Sammy crossed off Book 3 in the "The Wicked Years" by finishing "A Lion Among Men." This installment was better than "Son of a Witch," but it still wasn't anywhere close to "Wicked." Honestly, that first installment is still in the best 10 books I've ever read. Mitchiner - should you be reading this, I can give this one 2 thumbs up. This one possesses the same style as his other books - brilliantly written, deep character development, interesting connections, humbling commentary on human (or Animal) existence, and a deliciously rich plot. It was sooooo Maguire, in fact, that halfway before I was done with the book I had decided that he very well might be my favorite author (sorry Hemingway). Granted, no one can write video game style novels like Matthew Reilly (which is why he's still the most fun to read), but Maguire possesses an ability to present life in its truest, most exposed form, the result of which always has a chilling effect on me. Consequently, I have to say that, at present, he's the best in the business.

Other than that, not a whole lot to report. As I type this, Muffin Puffin is grinding out laps in the pool. As for me, it's time to jump into my dinner, which will DEFINITELY include some "chili heatwave" Doritos. And SPEAKING OF - The Hairless Wonder has just informed me that there's a new flavor of Doritos - CHEESEBURGER!!!! How can anyone say that is NOT the greatest thing EVER? HELLLLOOOOOOO HARRIS TEETER when I return - that's all I'm sayin'...

Lastly, in a nerdy bit of information - there is a new financial services product called Thomson Reuters Eikon. They've just released an ad campaign showing how their products can help pretty much everyone in the financial services industry, from portfolio managers to Fx traders to financial analysts. My favorite is Fx sales, because it was shot in Canary Wharf and shows MY EXACT WALK INTO WORK. I am a loser, I know - but it's still pretty cool. :-) Should you want to devote 30 seconds of your life to finding out how I get from the Tube to Starbucks (the office is just past that), go to Youtube and search on "Thomson Reuters Eikon Fx Sales."

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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