Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Hello Family and Friends -

So finally, here is Phuket, which wraps up our Thailand adventure!  We departed on Thursday morning on the 9am ferry.  About 1.5 hours later we arrived, then transferred to our hotel by van.  Check-in was a bit of a long process, but once finally done we were shown to our family suite. 

We settled in a bit, changed and then took the shuttle to Patong Beach.  We got some swimming, sunning and lounging in. We were then treated to a beautiful sunset.

That night we went into Patong, got offered lots of Ping Pong shows, had a great dinner and ended up at Kangaroo Bar (yes, that
was really the name) for some post-dinner drinks.  They rang this loud bell quite a bit, and every time they did, free shots were brought out to everyone in the bar!  Now granted, one did taste like Listerine, but who could argue with free!  :)

Friday we split up - me and Yazz went to Karon Beach and Kim and Matt hung by the hotel pool (which was really nice.)  Karon Beach was gorgeous and there weren't many people on it at all.  We spent the day swimming and reading, me trying to hide from the sun while Yazz couldn't get enough.  :)  Also, Yazz had this obsession with capturing little crabs and having them crawl on her arm.  She got a kick out of me cringing trying to do the same.  Poor little crabs! 
Who doesn't love the Kangaroo Bar?
We all met back up at the apartment and Sam joined us for the weekend!  We all had a nice meal at a Greek owned Thai seafood restaurant (Greek flags everywhere, very bizarre.)  Then went out for some drinks again and where did we take Sam?  Where else but Kangaroo Bar!  (Seriously, they were playing really good music!)

Saturday took us to Kata Beach in the south.  This is where Sam and I had stayed last time we were in Phuket, so we knew it was gorgeous. 
Although, the taxi 1st dropped us off in the

wrong part of the beach, so we walked the 15 minutes or so up the hill (after paying for chairs I might add) to the nicer beach that Sam and I remembered.  It was worth the trek because this part of the beach was much less crowded and much cleaner.  We spent the day much the same - swimming, lounging, napping, reading.  Storm clouds started to roll in about 5pm so we figured that was our cue to move on to the next event of the evening - After Beach Bar.

This again was a place Sam and I had come last time and loved it.  Basically it's this reggae bar/restaurant on the cliffside overlooking Kata Beach and facing west so amazing sunsets.  Unfortunately for us the cloud cover was too thick so there wasn't much of a sunset.  But was still a gorgeous view!

We had planned a surprise early birthday cake for Kim, as it is a milestone birthday this month - the big 3-0!  (Tomorrow I might add, the 29th!)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMMY!!!!!!!!  We had a few fruity drinks and some delicious thai food before the pancake birthday cake arrived.  And it was SOOO good!  We all sang and enjoyed the cake.

It was getting late, so time now to move into town for our last night.  Plus we are celebrating Kim's birthday so have to blow it out right?

The girls had a quick shower back at the hotel and met the boys at The Honkey Tonk Bar (don't you just love it.)  At the bar they were playing the movie
Jackass on the tvs.  We tried not to watch but you just can't turn away from the stupidity of those guys.  We got a kick out of that!  We later tried Sunset Bar (next to Kangaroo Bar but thought we can't go in there a 3rd night in a row!)   :)   We had a great last night, so much fun!  Just so hard to believe the trip has already come to an end.  Where did the 2 weeks go?

On Sunday we had to say goodbye to Kim and Matt about 1pm, as they were catching a flight to Bangkok to start their loooong journey later that night back to the US.  Guys, SO glad you could make it and that we were able to celebrate Kimmy's birthday.  It was a trip of a lifetime!  Love you guys and can't wait to be home so we can plan some trips Stateside!

As for me, Sam and Yazz, we spent our final 3 hours chillin' by the pool and trying to take it all in.  We caught our shuttle about 4:30 enroute to the airport & back to Singapore.  We were delayed on Tiger (go figure) about 2 hours which did not make us happy.  So landed back in the Sing about midnight. 

Yazz, it was an incredible 2 weeks and SO glad you were able to make the trip.  I love you dearly and pray for your happiness, whether that is in London or back in Oz perhaps.  I look forward to our next great adventure...VEGAS BABY 2012!?!  :)

So that wraps up Thailand 2011.  Hope you enjoyed!

- Jenny, Sam, Yazz, Kim & Matt

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