Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Railay Beach, Thailand - Part 2

Hello Family and Friends -

Continuing with Railay Beach...Monday was another early rise as we had our Ko Phi Phi day trip today.  We got takeaway breakfast from the Flametree and were rushing to make the 9am pickup.  As we waited, we learned it was actually 9:20 for the people in Railay.  Details.
We got onboard the speedboat and thought it'd be a great idea to sit in the front.  In theory it was.  However, as the rain started and the bumps increased, we had 2nd thoughts.  It was a very rough ride through open ocean, and we have the bruises to prove it (esp Elizabeth who looked as though she'd been beaten.  Seriously, she bruises REALLY easily!)  :)
The 1st stop of the tour was Bamboo Island.  We learned this was actually a National Park and you could camp here if you wanted.  The beaches were pristine and the water SO blue and clear.  It was gorgeous!

Next up was Viking Cave which we whizzed by in the boat.  Basically it is a cave right at sea level filled with bird's nests.  Ancient color paintings resembling Viking boats are painted on the walls, hence the name Viking Cave.  
Next they brought us to Phi Phi Leh lagoon which was beautiful but filled with boats.  We didn't have a stop here to swim, just a slowdown to observe and take pics.  Maya Beach was next, where they filmed a lot of The Beach.  Again, super crowded with lots of boats.  We swam a bit next to some longtail boats.  :)  In August when I came these 2 stops were much better because they were less crowded and we got to swim in the lagoon.

Then it was onto Monkey Beach, which was actually a beach this time vs. when I came in August when the tide was in.  Kimmy, there were actually monkeys this time!  Tell Matt too because I know how he loves monkeys!  ;) 
We didn't get out, just saw them.  Then it was on to Phi Phi Don for lunch.  We had an hour here including lunch, so we scarfed down our food, did a little shopping and made our way to the other side of the island where the more beautiful beaches are for 1 photo.  Then had to run back to the boat.

On the way back to Railay we had 2 stops for snorkeling which were both really good.  Actually, the 1st stop was the best as the water was deeper and there was more coral near the surface with tons of fish.  It was much better than the snorkeling we had in August when the coral was about 30 feet below and you could almost make out the fish. 
The ride back to Railay was super rough with more storms coming.  I've never wanted to get off of a boat so badly.  Part of this was due to the fall I had earlier when I slipped on the wet deck, fell on my tailbone and banged my head hard on the seat.  Luckily it was pretty padded.  But I did manage to keep hold of the cake I was eating!  Sorry cuz and Elizabeth for the scare!
Finally back to Railay, the heavens opened on us. We'd been so lucky all day with only a bit of rain on the boat going out and coming back, and sun the rest of the time.  I was very worried coming into this trip as October is apparently the wettest month of the rainy season. And with all the flooding going on currently in Thailand, we realize just how blessed we were!
We showered and went to dinner back at Diamond Cave (can't argue with 100 bhat cocktails.)  We had a perfect day but were literally drained from the day's activities.  I believe we were all snoring by 10pm.  I've never been more excited to sleep!

Stay tuned for the Railay conclusion tomorrow...

- Jenny, Cuz Megan and Elizabeth

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