Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sydney Part 2

Hello Family and Friends -

It's time to catch-up on Sydney!  So Sat we had a leisurely morning (correction, the Taylors did, not the Jones.)  I could hear the kids waking up about 6:30am but just rolled over and went back to sleep.  Sorry D&D!  :)
About 9:30ish we rolled out of bed to some coffee and muesli.  Dommy was out for a run and Sam decided to go running as well.  I did not, however, and enjoyed being lazy, catching up with Dean and playing with Charlotte and Jacob.  Having kids around made us realize just how long it actually takes to get ready and out of the house each day.  All of our friends with kids tell us the same, but until you witness it, you really have no idea! 
So we left early afternoon and headed down to Manly Wharf with the intention of all of us heading into the city.  The weather wasn't the greatest and the seas were really rough.  Charlotte had fallen asleep by this point, and Dean had a charity event that evening and only had a few hours free, so Dommy decided it made more sense not to go.    :(  So Sam, Dean and I took the 30 minute ferry ride into the city.  It was a rough/cold ride, but Sam and I were determined to brave the weather and sit outside the whole time.  We had to on our 1st journey into the city right?

We split up with Dean and then walked around the Rocks, eventually ending up in Darling Harbour.  I recognized quite a bit from my time here in 2002, but everything looked shinier and newer then I remembered.  I think they had built quite a bit since then.  We walked the length of the entire harbour and then found a pub where we caught a bit of the rugby world cup.  We then found some great burgers for dinner, before heading back on the ferry to Manly.

All in all it was a great day!  We got to spend time with Dean & Dom and the kids, and also got to see the gorgeous views of Sydney coming and going on the ferry.  The weather was a bit colder than we expected, but made for some great photos with all the cloud-cover.

Stay tuned for more Sydney adventures...

Jenny and (hard at work again) Sam

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