Sunday, 9 October 2011

A smashing weekend for the "travel widow"...


And a good Sunday evening to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City.  The Bull's had a great weekend despite being a "travel widow" (Sarah - full marks for that one - good line), and he's about to settle in for a night of Skyping, cheese, chips, and movie watching.  On the whole, life is guuuuuuuuuuuudddd. 

Yesterday was a bit of a blur, as I spent a solid 5 hours in 2 bars watching the Rugby World Cup quarterfinals.  I caught the first one at (where else) Boomerang, where I had a GREAT spot at the bar (even a seat) before the TALLEST 6 PEOPLE IN SINGAPORE showed up and stood right in front of me.  It was all fine at the beginning - they'd booked a table for 12 and were casually trickling in.  However, when their EIGHTY-SEVEN CLOSEST MATES joined them, it got a bit crowded.  Emma joined me for the second half, and luckily we both found holes to watch the game through. Owain - how BIG was that game? Wales played AWESOME - I am liking them for the final!

Between matches we rolled over to another bar (Muffin - we hit Hannibal - the "European Bar and Grill" right by our house) and (SHOCKINGLY ENOUGH) found a seat RIGHT BY a television.  Emma and I looked at each other with mild shock, thinking that something was clearly wrong and that there was NO WAY this table wasn't spoken for.  Sure enough, there was a teeny problem the wait staff.  There was no dedicated waiter, which meant that, when you wanted food, you had to hog tackle somebody wearing all black and and apron.  I couldn't find one, so I went to the bar thinking that, since that's where the menus, staff, and register is, they could help me.  Silly Sammy - applying logic to a problem...

I sauntered to the bar and waited for about 10 minutes (amidst a sea of people wearing the Wales flag), at which point the bartender said he couldn't serve me food and sent me to the register.  I then walked over to the register, and after another 10 minutes got to the head of the queue (it was seriously like the last helicopter leaving Saigon), only to have the MANAGER tell me he wouldn't take me food order.  "You must find someone to help you!" he barks at me, to which I of course had a rather snarky comment filled with four letter words (but nothing about his mother, to be fair).  He then points to a server, and I BLITZ this guy.  But all's well that ends well, and soon enough I had a guuuuuuuuuuud burger and some simply DELISH chicken wings (although they had the same flavor as a chicken sandwich from DQ - if I could have just had a Dilly Bar, all would have been right with the world.  And yes, T-rowe - that was for you...).

We watched the rather disastrous England performance and hung out until about 7 PM or so, at which point we called it a night and I made the 3 minute walk back to the condo.  I was SO excited, as I had all this time and a slew of DVD's from Bali to start cracking through.  Last night's selection was "Watchmen," which I'd wanted to see for about 5 years but was SO disappointed in.  That movie was utter DONKEY TRASH - seriously WEAK effort.  Tonight's feature will be "Red," which I've heard good things about.  Fingers crossed.  I sacked out well before midnight, sleeping like a LOG until about 10:30 AM today.

Today was another day filled with Rugby, as I made the walk down the length of Orchard to visit Muddy Murphy's.  This "Irish Pub," apparently assembled in Ireland 15 years ago (to confirm specs) before being dismantled and shipped to Singapore is right beside Orchard Towers (aka "4 floors of whores"), but don't worry - it was a totally normal place.  I met Sarah and Eliza (Muffin - you were missed!) and a few of their other friends for the Oz vs. RSA match, which was a cracking game!  Full marks to the Wallabies, although I do think that the Springboks played better.  Next weekend is gonna be AWESOME, as the Wallabies and the All Blacks go head to head for a spot in the Final - it doesn't get much better than that. 

I had a beer with my "full english breakfast" today, a first for me but no complaints.  That being said, after my first full pint, I switched to half pints of Guinness, which Sarah found absolutely hilarious and made no end of jokes.  She also got a terrific photo which I'll be sharing - I must confess, it was less than manly, but the half pint is REALLY cute and teeny...

Not a whole lot else to report - the weather was AMAZING today - humidity actually at humane levels.  I walked for 40 minutes and barely broke a sweat, which was a shocker.  The way back was even more pleasant.  Dare I say that, had I not wished to be so lazy, I could have run outside BEFORE 7 PM.

Also, in some less than stellar news, after 14 wonderful years on my wrist, the band on my watch has given out.  Luckily it happened at home, so I was able to catch it and put it in a safe place until I can get to a store and have it looked at.  Truth be told, it just needs a new pin in a single link, so I'm hoping someone can fix that pretty quickly around these parts.  The bigger question is what's it gonna cost me...

Miller - it's almost 7 AM, COME ON!  I want to hear the results of the run, man!

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print.  Chat tomorrow (and yes, I PROMISE I'll write about Sydney)!


Sam and (no doubt face down in some tom yum soup right about now - funk soul brother...) Jenny

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