Friday, 2 December 2011

After a one year hiatus - it's the Season 3 cameo of LADY CATHERINE!!!!!!

Team Taylor Deportation/Repatriation Countdown

Days left in Singapore: 20

Days left until arrival in the Queen City: 27


Back in action...but TERRIFIED of the Green Monster.  Jenny - I just realized
that your beer matches your top - who says we aren't festive.
And a good Saturday morning to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City.  IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!  And this weekend is absolutely fantabulous for 2 reasons.  First and foremost, I've got MUFFIN PUFFIN back!  Secondly, after a 1 year absence from "Travel with the Taylors," Lady Catherine is back in action!  Cath landed last night from London (thanks to those Qantas boys for delivering her safely), giving us a whopping 48 hours in Singapore together before she and Jenny shuffle off to India.  Oh, the stories they'll have to tell.  T-Rowe - personally, I don't think I'm the person in the relationship you should worry about for your quarantine proposal - just sayin'...

So last night was a great one, as we chatted for about 90 minutes or so at the flat before heading out to Boat Quay for dinner.  Catherine said it best when she kept repeating:  "I can't believe I'm here!"  We couldn't either, as it felt like we'd just seen each other last week - we fell right back into the old rhythm and could have been anywhere.  It was SO GREAT to see her, and we were chatty chattersons (Pappas - that was for you) all night.

Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit like 90 degree
weather, speakers blasting "Let It Snow," and electric blue
plastic trees on the banks of a muddy, smelly river.
Dinner was at some combination "Vietnamese-Indonesian-Chinese-Singaporean-Indian-Western" restaurant (it was actually 5 restaurants in 1 - HILARIOUS - the sales pitch was classic:  "You want Indian?  No?  Okay, then you can have delicious Chinese.  No Chinese?  No problem - we have good Indonesian noodle?  Or Burger?  You want burger?  What about Bamboo clams?"  SERIOUSLY - enough.  You've worn me down.), and it was really tasty.  In true "Negotiator" fashion, we got free drinks and 20% off the bill, which was a good thing because the dishes (whilst excellent) were TINY - good thing we had 4 meals between 3 of us. 

After dinner, it was down to (WHERE ELSE) Red Dot, where I continued my personal crusade to keep them in business.  We talked Catherine into splitting a jug of the Green Monster with us, but you could tell she was less than convinced.  The look on her face as I poured was nothing short of priceless, and that moment before it hit her lips was practically a look of abject horror.  However, first swallow down, she said, "I thought that was going to be like Creme de Menthe, but it's quite nice!"  Lady Catherine, would we serve you a bad beer?  Come on now...

Capturing the arrival moment, at which point Lady Catherine
says, "WOW - you've finally lost your Heathrow Injection."
Bring on the buffet, baby!!!!
This morning's been a lazy one, with Muffin Puffin brewing us coffee and the girls doing their packing for India.  The classic moment came when Catherine walked out of her room and said, "It was rather hot in my room.  It's much cooler out here."  Still half asleep and thinking that she was still in the UK, she assumed the cool air was coming NOT from the A/C but from the balcony, and so she started walking that direction.  She then CRASHED into the glass, as obviously the sliding door was closed to keep the temperature from soaring to a basquillion degrees in the house (the temp is starting to climb back up over here - "winter" has clearly run its course).  I must confess I cackled for about 10 minutes.  But we're all wide awake now and none the worse for wear, so no worries!

We're now about to head out to Boomerang (OF COURSE) - bring on the Boomerang Benedict!  Oh, YEAH, BABY!!!!!!

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print.  Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny (and Lady Catherine)

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