Saturday, 22 May 2010

Catch-up Blog #5 and (Finally!) back to even: MOMMA ARRIVES!!!!!!

And a GREAT Saturday morning to you from across the Pond on a terrific, sunny morning in the mother country. We ran this morning! Yes, fresh off having about 57 people tell me how much weight I'd gained and that I'd clearly been a recipient of at least 4 "Heathrow Injections," I am on a new kick to burn as many calories as humanly possible before returning back home.
And so, for the recap that will (FINALLY) bring us even with today, I present to you: "The Beginnings of Mum's European Adventure."
Wednesday: Airport Rendevous
So I made it to the airport with no trouble and was THRILLED to see that everything was still on time. I was honestly less concerned about my flight than mum's (she had 2 connections, the first in CLT), but luckily the flight from Knoxville arrived 5 minutes early. Consequently, I was there to pick up the first "papparazzi" photo of her arrival!
As fate would have it, we were both on the D Concourse (she was heading up to Philly first), so we headed up that way, secured a Diet Coke, and then put mom on her flight up to the City of Brotherly Love (and CRAP airport food). And seriously, while I'm here - US Air is now CHARGING to pick your seat - $5 a head. Really? REALLY? I mean, if you were DonkeyAir or DoorknobJet then maybe I could see it, but REALLY? THE LARGEST US DOMESTIC CARRIER CHARGING FOR SEATS? The word....would be....DONKEY TRASH.

But mom got away safely, and I then headed over to D10 to board my flight, which, I am happy to report, was perhaps THE BEST flight I've ever had overnight. I had 2 glasses of Merlot, a GREAT Port (Carter's, these cats DEFINITELY knew the Bishop of Norwich), and even a Vodka & tonic. I think I'm starting to get the hang of mixing and pacing...hey - it's an art, not a science. And best of all, I even got about 3 hours of sleep!

So we rolled into the UK on time and cleared customs no problem. Knowing that I was a few hours ahead of mom's arrival, I went for a jog (that's right, a JOG - I told you, you're all in my head now). I logged about 30 minutes, FINALLY getting out to Regent's Park and getting to the top of Primrose Hill. MAN, am I out of shape. I haven't huffed and puffed that hard since doing the mile in high school. Oh well, gotta start somewhere.

Mom rolled in about 1, and she was TIRED. I have a GREAT photo of her stepping off the elevator, but as both mom and Jenny have veto privileges on the blog, that image is not allowed to see the light of day. Instead, we got mom some Pret (Sophie - just go ahead and picture me butchering the pronunciation) and I then put mom to bed, where she slept for 2.5 hours (Hitman - she LOVES THE MATTRESS PAD).

After closing down the work day, we rolled over to St. Christopher's Place, where MUFFIN PUFFIN MET US!!!!! RE-U-NI-TED, and it feels, so guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud...

We had some GREAT pasta and a glass of wine (not mom, of course :-)) before heading back home and making an early night of it. I was PASSED OUT by 9:30 and snoring in about 30 seconds. I always enjoy that first sleep after the Transatlantic flight - stuff of legends.

Friday: Mom - meet Indian food. Indian food - meet Mom. You kids play nice...

So both JT and I were in the Wharf on Friday, and it was a very productive day at work. The early highlight was the 2.5 miles on the treadmill. Short, I know, but it was a) an 8 minute mile pace, and b) the FIRST TIME I'VE RUN ON CONSECUTIVE DAYS SINCE APRIL OF 2009. The sad part was saying goodbye to Carolina. That's right, folks, after a year of working together, the Venezuelan Fireball is rolling off my project and taking a month's vacation. We did get a photo on her camera, so I'll have to add that to the blog once she sends it to me. We'll miss you, gal. Thanks again for everything!!!

JT and I then braved the 16,000 degree Tube ride home, where mum was already dressed and waiting. In fact, in her infinite real estate wisdom, she's found a "Househunters" equivalent in the UK - CLASSIC!
The weather was AMAZING, the sun was shining, Puffin had new clothes from Primark (tops for 1.50 GBP! THAT'S MY GIRL!!!!), and we felt it crucial that mom experience an essential component of the Taylor Friday - drinks at a pub. And so we rolled to the Mason's Arms, where we were disappointed to find both Timmy Taylor AND Deuchar's off. WHAT THE !#@$#@$!!!!

Given that I was in no mood for Spitfire, we rolled over to the Marylebone, where we had some Sagres (water for mum) and stood outside, enjoying the sun and basking in the surprise of having my mom here! It's really crazy, and I LOVE showing her my hood.

Then, ready for food, we rolled over to the Taylor staple - The Rajdoot, baby!!! OH, YEAH!!! And sure enough, I am VERY pleased to report that mom now LOVES Indian food! Pooh, you've got a new cuisine you can try next time! Mom went for the Passanda, which was AMAZING. We also threw in some Saag Panir and Onion Banjee's, as well as our usual foolishness (no one tried my Vindaloo). Mom did try lime pickle, and that about put her over the top. Consequently, we kept her away from my dish.

We then headed home and had a GREAT evening relaxing, listening to music, and chatting about everything and nothing.

And so, here we are at 9:50 AM on Saturday morning, 3.6 miles already in the books and about to wake mom from her slumber. But before I leave, I must say CONGRATS to my (GENIUS) cousin Bryan West and his fiancee Nicole Paraggio, as TODAY IS THEIR WEDDING DAY!!!!! Congrats, guys - SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!
Sam and Jenny

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