Sunday, 16 May 2010

GROUNDED in the Queen City...


And a good evening to you from...well, still from (less than) sunny Charlotte. So it's official - Sam Taylor is the latest victim of Mt. Piss Me Off (kudos to hitman for that one). That's right, this evening, after a FANTABULOUS week and weekend, yours truly was sitting in the departure lounge when the following announcement reverberated through the halls and my bones:

"Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you aboard Flight 732 with service to London's Gatwick airport, the flight has been canceled. Please proceed directly to the East Check-in counter to be rebooked."

And so began the MAD DASH outside security, where I was the 4th person in line. Only when I got the front of the line did one of the ladies say, "Where's your bag?" I responded with my usual polite, Southern gentleman nature: "I don't have a damn clue, lady. Why?" The lady then told me that she couldn't rebook me without my bag on the pre-tense that "you don't know you won't get out tonight." Well, considering the ENTIRE NATION I AM FLYING TO IS UNDER A VOLCANIC ASH CLOUD, I don't like my chances of getting there. Luckily, I got through to the ticket counter, but I'm now in the QC until WEDNESDAY EVENING. That basically means that mum and I will be flying on the same day (Amazing Race style) to see who gets to my flat first.

MUFFIN PUFFIN, I MISS YOU!!!!!! I didn't call because I figured you were passed out already, as it was on time until 10:30 PM BST. Oh well, so it goes. This just means I'll have to drink some more Fat Tire in your honor!

So here's the deal - I owe you cats some blogs, and I'm gonna make good on my delivery promise. And whilst I won't have photos until Thursday (at the earliest), here's how it's gonna roll:

Monday - Paris Blog

Tuesday - Week in CLT blog (through Thursday evening)

Wednesday - Weekend with the Fam blog (I'll have to post it before I fly - KNOCK ON WOOD)


Hopefully that will get me back in everyone's good graces.

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Here's hoping I can find a TV where the Yankees are getting thrashed or the College World Series is on. Chat tomorrow!


(A very lonely) Sam and (a soon to be frumpy) Jenny

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