Monday, 24 May 2010

Plan B is for Beer...

And a good morning to you from across the Pond on this sunny Monday in the Mother Country. We've got another gorgeous day brewing! And as I'm off today to tool around the city with mum, I thought I'd get a blog entry done whilst she showered.

So when we left you yesterday, we were en route to Borough Market. The journey was smooth and life was good until we actually arrived at London Bridge and walked into the market square, only to discover THE MARKET DOESN'T RUN ON SUNDAY. I had pinned 14,000 calories worth of dreams to this, so it was quite heart-breaking.

That being said, to quote my esteemed uncle and talented musician Benny Wilson: "Plan B is for Beer (kudos to Jenny for making this our toast)." We walked back to the Barrow Boy & Banker (yep - same spot we watched the Grand National), where we tucked in to some proper British food. JT and I rolled through pies, while mom took down some fish and chips. And for the record - that Honeydew is Jenny's. I went with a Chiswick - a mistake I will NOT make again.

After that we walked across London Bridge, reveling in the heat and getting a glimpse of the Tower Bridge, St. Paul's, and the Wharf. We then saw the Monument to the Great Fire (CP and Cat - you've opened up a whole new world to us on that one!) before rolling over to Tower Hill and seeing the Tower of London. More importantly, we got some great shots of the Tower Bridge - talk about a PERFECT day for photos!

We then headed home for a bit, where Muffin got a swim in and I managed a run. WOW - talk about warm out there! However, it felt really good to pound the pavement a final time, so I was very happy about that.

We then got out for dinner at Zizzi, where we had a FABULOUS table by the door which let plenty of air in. We ate like kings, and I am more fired up about meals in Italy now than EVER before. And speaking of eating, it's breakfast time here, so I'm gonna hop off, get my shower, and get going.
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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