Monday, 18 January 2010

Welcome to the Gun show...


And a good evening to you after another GREAT day in the Mother Country. Happy MLK Day! I hope that everyone spent it throwing back Fat Tire, eating Hawthorne's pizza (or local equivalent), and taking it easy. The Taylors spent it at work (Granville Six - please try to keep the jokes to a minimum), but it was a great and VERY productive day.

I made it to the gym today, where I treated everyone present (all 5 of them) to the GUN SHOW. Let me tell you, I feel sorry for the other guys working out in there, as I'm sure it's hard for them to feel manly when a guy like me rolls up in his pit stained, burnt yellow Arizona State shirt, some running shorts showing all but about two inches of his leg, an i-Pod cord tied in knots so that it awkwardly lays against his shoulder, two days of scruff on his face, hair standing straight up, and the always intimidating boot, banging against the floor with every step I take. One of the trainors was waiting for me at the desk, and when I walked up, he said "Oh, it's you. I thought the Terminator was coming for a workout."

The highlight of the day was lunch at...wait for it...wait for it...NANDO'S, BABY!!! I went light, going with (ONLY) the 5 wings, creamy mash, and spicy rice. Fret not - next time I'll elevate my game again...

Jenny swam again tonight, breaking in the silicon cap just purchased yesterday. Fret not - I fully intend to get a photo of her ROCKIN' the cap in the not too distant future.

Tonight is our second AFD in a row - I'm actually sipping some "relaxing" tea at the moment - how very British. Next up - some salad (with chicken tikka) and more mature cheddar (because otherwise my body wouldn't know how to function).

Fizzy and Lord - sorry I didn't make it out for a pint. I suck, I know - I PROMISE I'll more than make up for it this weekend.

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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