Sunday, 4 April 2010

The day that wasn't...but at least I'm still alive...


And a god morning to you from across the Pond on this fine Sunday in the Mother Country. HAPPY EASTER!!!!! Fun fact for the day - the origin of the Easter bunny. Apparently the Easter Bunny traces its roots to 13th century, pre-Christian Germany. The Teutonic god of fertility and spring was called Eostra, and her symbol was the rabbit (because of the high reproduction rate). As Christianity assimilated the pagan faiths of Germany, some traditions continued in an effort to make the transition easier for the other faiths (this is the exact same way we adopted the Christmas tree). One of these was the Easter Bunny in spring, when little pagan-now-Christian children would make nests for the Easter bunny to lay eggs in as part of the Vernal Equinox. Eventually it was aligned with Easter and the nests became Easter baskets. And now, hundreds of years later, we are swapping cadbury chocolate and dyed eggs in our baskets. Funny, eh? And mom - sorry - I don't have any maple creams in my basket this year...

So yesterday was, well...AWFUL. I woke up and felt I'd been slapped in the face with a 2x4 (Tommy Boy style). Since Hitman felt the same way, the blame now rests squarely on Lynda Grimshaw, who I'm pretty sure tried to poison us both for making her work on Finance for the last 9 months. But don't worry, LG: we're still friends - even if you did put cyanide in our steaks...

Aside from getting to chat with mum for an hour (which was wonderful, to be sure), the day for me consisted of walking from the couch to the bed, sleeping as much as possible, eating a grand total of 2 bowls of cereal, and passing out with Nite Nurse (their Nyquil) about 9:30 PM. I woke up at 9:30 this morning feeling A MILLION TIMES BETTER, and I've already been able to walk around without thinking that I'm just going to collapse in the hallway.

So I think I'm gonna go out and actually get real food today, but that is after I do a bit of Ironing. Yes, yes, I know - I can only picture the look on Tom Price's face right now. Or Kevin Woest's for that matter, who simply calls me "wrinkle" when he sees me in the office. But alas, some of these khaki's look like they've crossed the Wadi Rum, so I need to at least try to iron them out a bit.

Also, I started Her Fearful Symmetry, and I REALLY like it so far. Muffin - I know that you said it ended weird, but the first 100 pages have been brilliantly done and are certainly worth the plunge.

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat either later today (if I do ANYTHING) or tomorrow!

Muffin Puffin and Yazz (Hissssssssssssssss) - enjoy your last day in Slovenia and and safe travels home!!!!!!!


(A more mobile) Sam and (somewhere in Caves north of Croatia) Jenny

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