Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Girls, they wanna have fun...


And a good evening to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. Once again, Sammy the Bull logged a 12 hour day, with Muffin Puffin logging 11.5 on her own. Hitman - tell the Baron that he is DEFINITELY getting his money's worth out of me...but still don't pass him the link to the blog.

Today Four Leaf went to the US Embassy because he had to renew his passport. The US Embassy in Singapore is, simply put, A CATHEDRAL. I mean, this place is HUGE. The only other time I've been to a US Embassy was in Madrid. Let's see if I can just sum up the differences between that experience an now...

Madrid: 13,000 drunk college students who lost their passports in Ibiza are standing outside, as well as 27,999 sweaty Spanish dudes, at least 4,000 of which are just there to steal your backpack.

The Sing: I'm the only guy in line except for this Chinese dude who KNOCKS ME OVER to redeem his ticket and get his phone back. It was AWESOME when the lady saw my US passport and immediately dismissed him.

Madrid: Marines. With Guns. EVERYWHERE.

The Sing: Wackenhut security (I am NOT joking). I mean, I know the odds of danger in the Sing equal the odds of being eaten by a Polar Bear in Gautemala, but still...come on.

Madrid: 3 hour wait.

The Sing: 7 minute wait (including the 3 minutes for security).

All in all it was SUPER easy, and my passport should be back by 8 March (knock on wood). That means Typhoon Taylor is confined to the island for the next 2-3 weekends, and to quote the Shogun..."the Sing will never be clean again..."

The evening was a blur, but I did get 45 minutes on the bike before coming home for an 11:30 PM dinner. That beats Muffin's calorie intake, however, as she didn't even EAT dinner! You see, Muffin is now in training for the 2014 World Cup, and tonight was another step toward that goal. :-)

Seriously, P Dawg introduced JT to a girl's soccer league, and so far Jenny's LOVED it and met some cool peeps. Personally, I love to play the "Identify the Norwegian and Swede in this picture" game when I look at this photo. Nice backdrop, pumpkin!

Other than that, not a whole lot else to report. 2 AFD's in a row, and I'd REALLY love a Green Monster Cream Ale ri
ght about now. Oh, and it should be noted that TOM "THE HAIRLESS WONDER T-ROWE FASHIONISTA" PRICE BOUGHT A PLAID SHIRT YESTERDAY FROM BANANA. That's right, sports fans - not only did Tom emulate the fashion styles of the one and only Sam Taylor - he also paid SERIOUS MONEY FOR IT. To quote Price: "I'm pretty sure this is the same shirt you bought in the 7th grade from Wal-mart." Please...don't be hatin'...

And Wild Card - can you show a brother how to put captions on his photos? Enquiring minds want to know!
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!

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  1. Hey Sammy and Jenny! Love reading your blog about all your travels. Especially now that I am almost confined to the great town of Morristown!! :-)

    To add a caption to your photo.....once you have added it to your blog you SHOULD be able to click on it and have lots of options.....at least that is the way mine works~