Thursday, 24 February 2011

Is that a ballistic missile or green tea?


And a good evening to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. Today was a busy one through and through, but no complaints, as Sammy got a chance to experience a Chinese tradition few have read about and even fewer have seen - the mystical rocket lauching Chinese tea pouring! Yes, yes, I know - SERIOUSLY RANDOM. However, this needs to make your life's "to-do" list. Stay with me here...

So the background - I had an AMAZING lunch today on the SIXTIETH FLOOR of a building in CBD. The view was EXTRA AWESOME -images of the harbor (sorry, John Davies - HARBOUR), the skyline, and the wilderness areas in the distance. The food was SPECTACULAR. We rocked it Chinatown in London style - lazy susan's and TONS of food. I don't have the photos with me (thanks to Nancy for having the foresight to buy an i-Phone a year ago), but I will get them up soon, as there's a CLASSIC photo of Four Leaf trying his first ever bite of Jellyfish. I have no lie to tell - it wasn't donkey trash, but it was NOT stellar. Everything else, however (2 kinds of fish, 2 kinds of chicken, mushrooms, soup, pork ribs, and fruit for desert) was JUST STELLAR.

The highlight, however, was neither the view nor the food. You see, I've read about these cats who wander around restaurants (don't worry - they are actually EMPLOYED by the restaurant) and somehow pour SCALDING WATER past your head and hit the glass exactly, pouring the water at such a velocity that you truly do have a "storm in a teacup" (Kat - that was for you). Personally, I didn't believe it. But then I saw the magician in action. In a word - WOW.

Picture a dude with a bazooka standing about 4 feet away from you. Then, like a scene from Terminator 2 (Yep - I just said that), picture liquid metal shooting out of this little spicket. And then, just when you think it's going to burn a hole in your chest, it magically finds its way into the tea cup right in front of you. I didn't do a good job selling it, did I...

Anyhoo, that was GREAT, and I got out of the office around 8 PM to hit the gym. I was expecting a bad workout, but I actually ended up logging a 5K in 22:06, my best time in YEARS (and years...and years...). Now that I'm 14 pounds lighter than December (SCARY thought), it's amazing how much easier it is to run. Details...

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny


  1. Sam - I'm loving keeping up w/ the blog and can't wait to make a trip to see you and the team...May might have been optimistic, but we'll see how the recovery goes. So, 2 things here...first to add a caption, you click on the picture while writing the blog and underneath pops up a "caption menu". Nice.

    Second, I was watching Anthony Bourdain last night on Netflix (as per the usual) and he was in Singapore eating what he said was the best Chicken Rice anywhere...Tian Tian Hainese Chicken Rice at Maxwell Road Food Centre, Stall 10 (11 AM - 8 PM only, closed Monday).

    Also a good Singapore food blog at

  2. Hah - Dan - I love that episode... my favorite scene is when Bourdain rocks the CIAB for a photo shoot.

    Bizarre foods and Samantha brown also did some sing episodes that were fun to watch too...SB includes the Laksa wars and inspired us to do the sentosa street luge, complete with team photo.

    I miss Singapore! The team there is so much fun! (excluding Sea Cucumber - you know who you are)

  3. Wild Card - thanks for the tip on the photos. Another friend mentioned that to me as well, but I just can't make it happen. Perhaps it has a donkey filter - it's kind of like spam for rednecks.

    I've tried to post on your blog the last 2 times as well, and it's shot me down. Clearly my lack of Excel skills arent' the ONLY technology issues that I've got...