Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Reunions don't come any better - back with the Prime Minister...


And a good evening to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in HK. Today was, simply put, a BLUR of activity. Sammy the Bull logged about 14 30 minute meetings, and by the end of it he was totally knackered. When you add in the fact that he a) got lost twice on the walk to work (HK Park is bigger than you think - don't be hatin'...) and b) didn't get away for lunch, you have a recipe for someone who's so hungry that he's just ordered room service even though he had dinner.

And speaking of not getting away, let me tell you how JACKED UP the elevator system is in HK. You see, when you arrive as a visitor here, they give you a "one time pass" for entry, which means that you literally can just get into the elevator bank. Once you arrive at the floor you need, you don't have access, and so you need someone to collect you. And even if you roll like me and can follow someone in, you are 100% TRAPPED IN THIS LITTLE 3 FOOT BY 3 FOOT BUBBLE WITH A LONE CHAIR TO SIT IN. Seriously, I waited 30 minutes for someone to claim me today (and got croissant crumbs ALL OVER THE BLOODY FLOOR, for the record - that'll teach them to keep me waiting). Oh, and did I mention that, once the meeting is over, you can't actually GET OUT OF THE DAMN OFFICE, but instead you need someone to escort you out with their badge. And Heaven forbid you try to change floors, as you only get 1 descent, at which point the system EATS your badge and you have to go to security for a new one. All in all - LESS than ideal.

That being said, I did get...wait for it...wait for it...PRET A MANGER TODAY!!!! Terrier, I know that you can just hear me saying "I'm going to Pre"t", does anyone want anything?" When I think about it, the look on your face is STILL priceless.

What was NOT priceless, however, was the cost of what I wanted. I ordered a filter coffee (99p in London) and a croissant (1.85 GBP in London). What was the bill? TWENTY-EIGHT HONG KONG DOLLARS. Granted, that's actually CHEAPER than in London (with the prevailing exchange rate), but the number almost gave me a heart attack. And when you factor in that I forgot to ask for a receipt, know how that sat with Sammy "cheap bastard 5000" Taylor.

But enough griping, as tonight was a GREAT evening. Why, you ask? Because I had dinner with the Prime Minister and his missus!!! That's right, sports fans, Team Taylor (the male half, at least) was reunited with the Carter Clan this evening. We hit up Roka in Pacific Place (a shopping center near my hotel), where we killed some GREAT food and had some (FINALLY) delicious red wine.

That being said, I was still STARVING when I arrived back at the hotel, and I just finished another pizza. I mean, I did log 4 miles this morning, for crying out loud, so I had some calories that simply needed to get back on my tummy jacket ASAP. That's right, you can say it - CHUUUUUUUBBBY BUUUUUUUNNY!!!!!!!

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and (asleep post salad and dragon fruit, no doubt) Jenny

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