Monday, 28 February 2011

2 months down already...


And a good evening to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. Work was busy again, and I think it's fair to say that I didn't make any friends today. Whilst it was another great one and we definitely got a lot accomplished, I have a sinking feeling that whichever company is starting to produce "Sammy the Bull Bobble Heads and Voo-doo Dolls" is probably doing enough business to consider an IPO. Wild Card - is it too late to negotiate security into my contract? Just thought I'd ask...

That being said, there were certainly some triumphs. For starters, I logged a 10K on the treadmill. It was slower than I would have liked, but given that I didn't all asleep until about FOUR IN THE MORNING last night, any mileage was a victory. Plus I got to watch the Bourne Ultimatum whilst running, so that was cool. :-)

And in Perfect Pumpkin Fitness news, Jenny has discovered the Asian version of "Crazy Class!" So a little back story here - back during our Charlotte days, Jenny would always go to this class that was called something like "Navy Seal Body Combat American Gladiator Bloodsport We Love Jean Claude Van Damme Beefcake Conditioning..." or something like that. Anyhoo, each Monday after she came home, she would always say the SAME thing: "Babe, that class was AWESOME. It was in SO MUCH PAIN. I mean EVERYTHING hurt. We were doing these lunges with weights into push-ups and then sprints. I thought I was going to die." She always followed it up with "You HAVE to go with me this week." Jackie - I kind of think of it like me and the whole "sugar cane juice is watered down Crystal Light" - that's just not sellin' it. Needless to say when she couldn't WALK FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS, my suspicion was confirmed.

However, tonight I arrived at the gym to find Muffin Puffin swinging away like somebody on the set of The Contender - you should have SEEN THOSE BODY BLOWS! It was like Mike Tyson's Punch-out - Little Mac, beware!!!

The highlight of the evening? The first surgical execution of a pineapple, baby! That's right -
tonight Sammy the Bull went Emeril Legasse on this poor fruit, and it was AWESOME. Seriously - I might not have it down like those cats at the floating market (which wasn't ACTUALLY a floating market - thanks again, Dingbat), but we'll DEFINITELY get this again.

Last thing - I finished Tim Allen's "Don't Stand too Close to a Naked Man" tonight. I'm not sure if the humor is just stale after 20 years or if I wasn't in the right frame of mind to read it, but I thought it was TERRIBLE. Mom - please don't tell Glen.

Hard to believe, but as of today 17% of the assignment is already over - where on earth is the time going! It's been simply AMAZING so far, and I know that the next 10 months will only bring more and more amazing experiences (and hopefully at least a few more good stories). And perhaps even a caning or two...but we can hold off on those a little while longer.

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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