Thursday, 18 November 2010

The calm before the storm - two nights in on the trot...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond after another GREAT DAY in the Mother Country. Apologies for no blog last night - despite being a quiet one in, it was still a late one. But let's recap, shall we?

Yesterday was a good day in the office, but Sammy the Bull once again FAILED to make the gym. Let the record state that the cardio I worked so hard to put back into place is steadily leaking out of me (or perhaps filling my ever-expanding waistline). However, no complaints, as we always knew that this last 6 weeks was going to be one big caloric shooting gallery. CHUUUUBBY BBBUUNNNYYYY!!!!!!

A congrats is in order for the Wednesday as well, as 17 November, 2010 marked the 9th wedding anniversary for Tom and Mandy Price - CONGRATS, GUYS!!!! I think you should go eat 9 Buffalo Wing Pizzas at Hawthorne's to celebrate - it seems only reasonable.

The highlight of the evening was hanging with Yazz back at the flat. It was a good night (which FLEW by), complete with the following:

1. Yazz channeling through Jenny order a stir-fry with veg and "special sauce"...which turned out to be oil...cause, yeah - oil IS pretty hard to come by these days...

2. Yazz, Muffin, and I playing "Code breakers" by trying to translate and decipher this message from some Algerian dude that has been leaving Yazz voicemails since that night at Strawberry Moons. Seriously - the guy's message is like something from the movie "White Noise" (which was DONKEY TRASH, for the record) - I am now a firm believer in EVP.

3. Discovering that Yazz has 14,579 memory cards with photos dating back to 1857 - seriously, her collection has photos of Moses holding the Ten Commandments. Yazz - BACK THOSE PUPPIES UP! It's like the Smithsonian Archive in that wallet!

It really was a great night, even if the wine flowed a little too freely (translation - Pumpkin and I did NOT feel that great today). But hey, NO COMPLAINTS!!!

Today was another good one, as Team Taylor both got to work out (muffin to the pool - Michael Phelps style; Sammy to the gym for a SLOW 5K). I still feel rather chubby and blah, but on the whole I'm SO GLAD that I got a workout in. I'm hoping to crank out another one tomorrow prior to the weekend and THE START OF VACATION!!!!!!

Tonight's gonna be back to back Skyping sessions, with momma up in 7 minutes and then Jenny's folks up after that. As I type this, Perfect Pumpkin is making din-din - a much needed salad!!!

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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