Sunday, 14 November 2010

Museums with the Martins...


And a good evening to you after another GREAT DAY in the Mother Country. Now I realize that Team Taylor prides itself on new experiences, and this day was no different. However, instead of visiting a new country, trying a new beer, or eating something raw and/or still moving, Sammy and Jenny tackled something WELL BEYOND their comfort level this time – taking a 2 year old through a museum.

That’s right, folks – today Team Taylor met up with the Martins (that would be Debbie, Nick, and CUTE little Estella) for a wander through the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum, and honestly – it was HILARIOUS!

We met up with them around 1 PM at the science museum, and Estella simply couldn’t STOP staring at me when I spoke. She would think about replying, but then she would just look at her father. After about 10 attempts, Debbie said, “Estella, do you think Sam talks funny?” Two seconds later, that child is nodding and laughing like she’s just seen “Black on Broadway.” CLASSIC. However, I was equally as mesmerized by her, as she had a fondness of taking grapes out of their pot (red then green, red then green) and building some type of molecule looking construction. I mean, I’d rather eat the things, but she’s clearly got a future in engineering, and she had other ideas.

After a pair of elevator debacles (lesson for Sammy – “prams don’t go down stairs”), meaning 1 didn’t go DOWN (doesn’t that kind of defeat the point?) and the other didn’t go down far enough (again – WHAT IS THE VALUE OF AN ELEVATOR THAT CAN’T TAKE YOU WHERE YOU NEED TO GO?), we FINALLY found the one for the kids area. And let me tell you – IT WAS CHAOS.

The classic entrance was after Nick and I had parked the stroller. He and I walk in (two 6 foot dudes) and get stopped by a staffer who asks, “Do you gentlemen have kids in the play area?” We said yes (OBVIOUSLY) and she let us through. But seriously, WHAT DID THAT ACCOMPLISH? Let’s review the possible scenarios:

1. We DO have kids in here, because well, WHO WOULD COME IN HERE WITHOUT THEM? SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. We’re dangerous, but we just said yes and you let us WALK RIGHT IN – really?

Estella was in HEAVEN, and we spent about an hour chasing her around the water station, up ladders, through instruments, and every other contraption known to man. The funnies moment was when, after climbing a ladder, she ran across this platform to the other ladder to begin her descent. However, when she saw me waiting at the bottom, she froze. After a moment, she POINTED AT ME and said, “No – GO GET DADDY.” I mean, am I THAT scary?

After the play area, we rolled over to the Natural History Museum, where we wandered through the dinosaur exhibit (which was UBER COOL, by the way). The Natural History Museum (complete with its STUNNING main entryway) was the original Royal Science Institute and the playground of folks like Darwin, Newton, and countless others. Honestly, the exhibits are IMPRESSIVE - we could DEFINITELY have spent more time in there. After seeing the T-Rex (Estella wasn't remotely scared - she does a nice "roar" herself), we stopped for tea and cake at the cafĂ©. There we relaxed for about an hour (peppermint tea for me and muffin) before saying farewell and walking home past Harrod’s and through Green Park. On the way home I got to say HAPPY 94TH BIRTHDAY TO GRANDMOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We then hit up the Doot (YEAH, BABY – Bring on the calories!) before wandering back home, where we Skyped with Jenny’s folks before calling it a night. And now, EXHAUSTED, it’s time to PASS OUT.

Okay, that’s all the news that’s fit to print.

Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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