Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A perfect way to turn the big 3-3…


And a good evening to you from across the Pond after PHABULOUS DAY in the Mother Country. Today is a big one, as Sammy the Bull officially turned 33. That’s right, folks, I’m into my last year of the “early thirties.” But I gotta tell ya – if your birthday has to fall on a work day, it couldn’t have been any better than this.

For starters, I woke up early and had a nice 4.25 mile run around Regent’s Park. The leaves are still colorful, and so it was a great run down some lanes and alleys that I hadn’t explored before. Checking the mail upon my return, our RUGBY TICKETS HAD ARRIVED!!!!! Less than 2 weeks until our first International EVER at Twickenham – we can’t wait! Thanks, KH! The check is (more or less) in the mail…

I treated myself to a Starbucks as well for breakfast and then a Pret wrap (with soup) for lunch. Oh, and did I mention that I washed it all down with TWO GLASSES OF MOUNTAIN DEW, BABY!!!!! How does life really get any better?

I also got a chance to chat briefly with dad, which was awesome. I had chatted with mom the night before on Skype, and I have to say that it was wonderful hearing both of their voices around my big day, as it’s obviously tough having a birthday overseas where you can’t see them or talk to them as often as you’d like.

Also, thanks to all the folks who shot me birthday wishes – I definitely appreciate it.

My present for the evening was our 2nd show in 4 days, with “The Phantom of the Opera” being the winner this go around (hence the joke above). I started the walk to the theater (Her Majesty's, that is) about 6:30, as I wanted to go slow, take my time, and soak up the pre-Christmas sights (they are hanging a TON of lights that will be lit up next Tuesday - sponsored by "Voyage of the Dawn Treader"). And when I got to Haymarket, I actually RAN INTO MUFFIN PUFFIN coming out of a store!
We had GREAT seats (royal circle on the end - we were practically on top of the stage!), and it was a truly phenomenal performance. And while I still think that Wicked is my favorite show, there is no denying the majesty and pageantry of Phantom, especially given that it's the same choreography and staging they used in 1986!
And mum, I know that you were sad you couldn't be with me on my birthday, but fret not, as I have GREAT news. Not sure if you remember this, but on our first international trip together (London and Paris when I was in 7th grade), we had a free afternoon in London and looked into buying Phantom tickets. At the time they were 40 pounds, and despite us both REALLY wanting to go, there was just no way we could swing it. Well tonight, a scant 20 years later, I saw the show we wanted to see in the same theater it was showing in back then (and at almost the EXACT same price, for the record), and I couldn't help thinking as I entered the theater that you really were there, helping to make a dream come true.

Whe then came home, where Muffin showered me with a host of goodies, including a SHARP tie (Hitman - I know you're happy), 2 GREAT looking scarves, and, most especially....BEER SOCKS!!!! And just WHAT THE HELL are beer socks, you ask? Well, I think the photo says it all. THANKS, MUFFIN!!!! You are the BEST WIFE EVER!!!!!

And now, after our second AFD in a row, it’s time to call it a night. I can’t believe that my birthday has already come and gone, but it was a great day and so no complaints here. Normally my birthday is an absolute whirlwind of emotions, but today has been one of surprising calm. I’m not sure why that is, but I suspect it has something to do with me having the greatest parents on earth, the best wife and soul mate EVER, a job I love, and wonderful friends and colleagues that truly make life fun and wonderful. In short, my heart is full, and my cup runneth over.

Okay, that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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