Saturday, 13 November 2010

I need more cowbell!!!! And one more stein...


And a great Saturday morning to you from across the Pond after another GREAT DAY in the Mother Country. IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friday was a good one at work, with Sammy the Bull being lazy ONCE AGAIN and NOT exercising a bit. Honestly, this week was a TOTAL write-off, and I already know that I can't work out on Monday. However, Tuesday - Friday: I AM COMMITTED!!!! Beefcake! BEEEEEEFCAAAAAAAKE!!!!!
The featured event of the evening was our "Thanksgiving meets farewell meets catch up" dinner with Rebecca and J-Wade. He picked one of THE MOST fun spots in London, and a place we'd eaten at with them back at the end of 2007 - THE TIROLER HUT, BABY!!!!! A slice of Bavaria right of Bayswater!!! Shogun - this place is SO right up your alley.
So here's the deal with this place - it's basically a Hofbrau Haus style experience, with tables everywhere, lots of music, and even more beer. When you sit down, there is NO menu - only a beer list. That's right - start strong or go home. And once you have your steins, your ties are loose (or flannel plaid in my case - actually, mum - check out the cashmere!), and you are starting to relax...the music begins.
Honestly, you've never really lived until you've heard "99 Red Balloons" sung completely in German by a guy with a casio keyboard resembling the one my parents gave me in 1986. And then you're REALLY living when some random ass Mexican steals the mike and starts singing "La Bamba," at which point EVERYONE SPONTANEOUSLY STARTS DANCING. I mean, check out the moves from J-Wade! Throw it UP for the 2-1-3!!!!
The highlight, however, is when the owner comes out. This cat, dressed in liederhosen and looking like he's enjoyed EVERY SINGLE DAY OF HIS LIFE, performs every night. He starts with the Saxophone, then moves to the clarinet. But the MOST entertaining bit is when THIS GUY BREAKS OUT THE COWBELLS TO PLAY "DO-RA-ME!!!!!" Seriously, I pretty much detest "The Sound of Music," but this was HILARIOUS - and yes, I did get a moment at the mike to help break it down.
We were there from 7:30 (actually, a little later due to HORRENDOUS commutes) until 2 IN THE MORNING - it was just SO much fun and the time absolutely FLEW by. Between all the laughs, the pork knuckle (which was guuuuuuuuuuuud), a cheese plate for dessert that could have fed the Red Army, a brat to start, lots of FRESH Dortmunder, and some hilarious dancing moments, it was a PERFECT way to end the week. J - thanks for organizing, brother!
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat later today!
Sam and Jenny

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