Tuesday, 24 May 2011

And so the preparation ends - and now it's show time...

And a good evening to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. First off, I realize that I still owe everyone 3 days worth of blogs from the Philippines. I promise you that I haven't forgotten about them. However, as I know that they'll take a bit of time, I've been waiting until I have a solid hour to dedicate to the effort, as I don't want to short change those posts. Given that it's already 10:50 PM here in Sing Sing, tonight just won't work. It should be noted that tomorrow's not lookin' good either, but expect strong reports on Thursday and Saturday morning (pre-race).
The Bull was home late due to some evening meetings, but all the same a big milestone was crossed off tonight - the final training run before the half marathon. That's right, sports fans - after 5 solid months of prep, Four Leaf is going to attempt his first half marathon in 26 months (dating back to the stress fracture race - the Knoxville Convenant Health 1/2). I logged 5 miles in 40:55 tonight, and it felt strong and easy. Honestly, I feel like I'm ready. And considering that I'll have the bloody hydration belt AND the backpack for the run, I should DEFINITELY have plenty of fluid & fuel.
The next 3 days involve 2 things I do really well - a) sitting on my ass, and b) EATING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. Seriously - 6 of the 7 meals before the run are going to be pasta on the theory that they might suddenly kidnap the entire running field and drop us in Siberia. I mean, hey, you never know - it could happen...
Muffin Puffin rejoined the Kandy Kickers United tonight, moving to defense in an attempt to keep herself injury free before the 10-K. What did she get for her troubles? Kicked in the shin by a 6 foot Swedish gal - awesome...
And in the BIGGEST news of the day - I SAW MY FIRST SINGAPORE RAT TODAY!!!! Now granted, this guy wasn't quite like the London or NY Subway rats, but still, he was holding his own. I will say that he did look quite confused (chasing his tail, in fact) - probably because he'd never actually walked on a sidewalk COMPLETELY devoid of trash by a river.
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!
Sam and Jenny

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