Monday, 9 May 2011

Crossing off another Sing Sing to do - the Sands Skypark...

And a good evening to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. Team Taylor divided and conquered on the exercise front this evening, with Sammy the Bull logging another workout at the track (BRUTAL) whilst Muffin Puffin kicked some ass in Body Combat. I ran with the A Group for the first set, but then I got DROPPED like it was NOTHING in round 2. Seriously - I was out like the fat kid in dodgeball. And since I pretty much AM the fat kid out there, it wasn't really too surprising. But again - can they eat and drink like me? I think not...
Looking back over the weekend, Team Taylor spent the afternoon doing the ONE THING you should NOT do in Sing Sing in the month of May - WALK OUTSIDE. Seriously - it is flat BOILING here right now - it had to have been about 14 Basquillion degrees (Batten - again, for you) on Saturday, and I could think of no better activity than to walk WITHOUT WATER the 2 miles from our condo to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and casino. We tried to get into the casino, only to find out that my stylish rainbow flip flops weren't allowed. Sandals, which cover about .00001 % more of the foot, however, is somehow TOTALLY FINE. Oh well, details. We did at least learn that Jenny's sister owns a jewelry line in Asia. KJ - I can't BELIEVE that you've been holding out on us!
Instead of sitting in the air con of the casino, we did the next best thing - GOT CLOSER TO THE SURFACE OF THE SUN. We looked at buying tickets for the Skypark, but when we saw the price tag of $20 SGD, we remembered what our dear friend Lily had told us - it's free to go up to the bar! And so, sporting the "One Day in Rome" t-shirt (mom - I think it's stylish, no matter what the casino says), Team Taylor goes up to the counter to enquire about the dress code.
So here's the deal - not only is it free to go to the top if you say you're going to the bar, you don't even have to have a drink! There's a HUGE observation deck there, complete with views of the Infinity pool - check out that photo - WICKED. We spent about 30 minutes sweating 14 liters of water out of our systems before calling it a success and heading back to Esplanade, where we parked ourselves at the Archipelago Brewery for a few pints. I sat down, looked at JT, and said, "All I want is the lime wheat beer." I then looked at our waitress and said, "All I want is the lime wheat beer." And she said, "All we're not serving today is the lime wheat beer." In a word - ouch. But hey, I rallied. :-)
We then caught an early dinner at Cappadocia, a Turkish place that a) lied about their happy hour, b) didn't have Efes, c) didn't have SHA-WAR-MA!, and d) serves hummous portions that would leave elves starving. Consequently, I don't think they'll see us back again. As I mentioned earlier, we were PASSED OUT by 9 PM, waking up 14 hours later and feeling like new humans.
Sunday was another active day, as Jenny the Striker hit the waters of Sentosa for a 2500m open water swim (ANIMAL). I hit the bike hard for 45 minutes, logging 27KM. We had dinner at this GREAT little Thai place where the owner spoke ZERO English but knew how to cook - all in all, I'll take that trade every day of the week and twice on Sunday. I think got in VERY brief Mother's Day chats with Mom, Nanny, and Grandmother (via Dad) before calling it a night and passing out about 11 (so YES - a 12 hour day). But we did manage to Skype with the Aussies! Always a good time.
Happy Mother's Day (one day late in print), momma! You're the best mum EVER!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!
Sam and Jenny

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