Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I mean, I know I'm chubby, but...

And a good evening to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. It was a good evening for Team Taylor, as Jenny the Striker continued improving the minds of Singapore's youth by tutoring reading again this evening. The story of the evening was "Jack and the Beanstalk," but the only clue Jenny gave me was "Into the woods, and out of the woods, and home before dark!" Seriously - my muffin puffin is just too cute.
The Bull logged 50 minutes and 30 KM on the bike this evening and felt strong the whole way. During the ride I finished "The Ghost Map" by Steven Johnson, and I can highly recommend the first 80% of it (I think in percentages now that I'm a Kindle user). The last 20% however, spent entirely on pontificating about things which have NOTHING TO DO with the book, are better left unread. All the same, it's worth the plunge if you can get a discounted copy.
On a totally unrelated note - here's Sammy's fun game for the evening (which, I am guessing, will ONLY appear to guys about my age who owned a Nintendo) - starting with Glass Joe, how many boxers on Mike Tyson's Punch-out can you name? I think I have all of them, but I'm a little fuzzy on the order in the final league. Don't be shy and DON'T use Google - let's see who knows Little Mac in the crowd...
So the blog title: As some of you may have noticed, I'm down 20 pounds since moving to the Sing. Whilst I've still got a ways to go, there's no debating I look healthier than Casper the Chubby Ghost who haunted the halls of Canada Square for 18 months. However, just when you think you're turning a corner, something happens that slaps you right in the face.
On Saturday Jenny and I were walking through a shopping mall (because it was 2 million degrees outside - you stay indoors as long as you can), when we saw some board shorts. Now as expected, my swim trunks are starting to show some wear, and so we're currently on the lookout for replacements. Sure enough, we find 2 GREAT pairs on the rack, and I even think they'll fit perfectly. But since it's a Japanese garage sale, guess what size fits Four Leaf - DOUBLE EXTRA LARGE. That's right - XL didn't have a PRAYER of fitting around my waist. XXL might have been snug after a wash, but at least I could get it on. And since I simply couldn't bring myself to ask "Do you have XXXL?", I just walked away empty handed. I mean, come on, man! I'm already laying off the beer. I can't lay off the rice as well! But hey - that's life as an ang mo in the Sing. What can I say - you get used to it.
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!
Sam and Jenny

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