Friday, 18 September 2009

Back with my Muffin Puffin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a good evening to you from SUNNY LONDON!!!! That’s right – I’m back! Man, does it feel good to be back in the Mother Country. And best of all…I’m back with my muffin puffin!!! I’m so happy to be home!

Today was a great day – we had 3 uber-productive hours in Mad City, grabbed a bit of lunch (gracias por la comida, Natalia!), and then rolled to the airport. Our flight was on IberiAir, which leaves from Terminal 4 in Madrid’s Barajas airport. The interesting thing is that Terminals 1, 2, and 3 are all together (5 minutes apart walking) and are fairly convenient to the city. Terminal 4, however, is in PORTUGAL.

Seriously – I’ve taken flights to Cairo that are shorter than the cab ride over. And the best part? Once you get there, you then have a tram that takes you to the far gates (followed by a Bus to get you onto the runway). Yeah – you have a 3:30 PM flight? I recommend you start heading to the airport at 7 AM the day BEFORE…

So we got on the plane (Book 3 of Twilight in hand), and all looked good for a 3:35 departure. However, at 3:45, people are still getting on the plane. At 3:58, Captain Antonio Alvarez de la Vega gets on the mike to tell us that, due to security reasons, we need to wait on 3 more passengers. All I can think is, “Wow – those guys we’re waiting for HAVE to be the air marshals. So much for being under cover.”

However, 35 minutes later, who gets on? Schwarzenegger? No. Stallone? No. Bruce Willis? No. Instead of Mi-6, I get some dude in a Soccer jersey, his wife (a lot of yelling and screaming), and some dude that has seen more than a little Mary Jane in his life.

So the plane gets on the runway, only to have another random dude decide he needs to make 1 more phone call. The female flight attendant walks over to him (we’re turning for takeoff at this point) and politely asks him to turn off the phone. When he refuses, the male flight attendant marches over, GRABS THE PHONE FROM THE GUY, and stalks off with it. AWESOME.

After that, it was a peaceful flight, and neither customs nor the ride home were problematic. And then, suddenly, I WAS HOME WITH MY ANGEL BEAR!!! So we hit a local Thai joint (The Lotus Thai) that was EXCELLENT and will definitely be visited again.

On an unrelated note – I managed an AFD today. Tomorrow will hopefully be light, but you never know if the weather’s nice. And speaking of tomorrow – GO VOLS – SMASH THE GATORS.

And in case anyone’s scoring – I just finished Book 3 of Twilight – only Breaking Dawn to go. The drama builds!!!

Okay, that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam (now back with) and Jenny

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