Thursday, 10 September 2009

We are...we are...the Guardians of the Oracle...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond. Okay, so it’s not as exciting as the “Globo-gym Purple Cobras”, but the subject line is the best I’ve got (and besides, at Globo Gym - we're better than you...and we KNOW IT!!!). No more Germany stories tonight, but it was another great day (both at work and beyond).

Apologies in advance for being brief, but we’ve got company (surprise! They came in early – you’ll have to wait tomorrow for pictures and a proper introduction!), and I’m anxious to chat to our first guests!

So tonight, after a great day at work, I rolled to “The Loose Cannon,” where I attended my first “pub quiz night” of our expat engagement. Talk about an absolute hoot!
This place was great - set underneath the Cannon Street Bridge. It was a cavernous space, and I arrived to a rowdy crowd in a space set with about 20 tables.
So we roll in there, Jenny introduces me to the gang, and then the following revelations occur to me:

1. There is an open bar – and I mean OPEN. For 4 hours. No AFD today!

2. There is a waitress (which you NEVER have in the UK – EVER). You still don't tip, so EVEN BETTER.

3. There’s even a buffet (even if it’s a burger that’s been cooked from now until Rapture). Seriously - picture well done and then cook it another 6 hours and then put in a sauna for 14 weeks - THAT'S how cooked it was. And let's be clear - by buffet, we mean fries (which they call chips), uber-cooked burgers, and some cold spring rolls (filled with corn, I think...).

2 minutes later, I’m on my first pint with cats I don’t know. 5 minutes later, I’m getting my TEETH KICKED IN at a round of trivia I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT (shops outside of a certain Tube Stop in London, in case you’re curious), but I’m knee-deep into a Kroenenburg, so I’m not terribly upset.
Long story short - we didn't win, but we didn't win the "Wooden Spoon Award" (dead last) either, which was an achievement.
The categories tonight:
1. Shops beside the office where Jenny works (and I've NEVER seen or been to).
2. Bank of America and Merrill Lynch History (none of which is relevant to Americans or can be found in the museum).
3. "Famous" people (all Brits that's you've NEVER heard of, and then...wait for it...wait for it...BARRY OBAMA - Sean and Ray - he said to tell you guys hello and that he just bought a) a John Deere for mowing and b) a can of white paint. It's close - I promise...
Okay, so a little bit about the photo. This is Jenny’s old Finance Team from our time here in 2007. I met them all once, which basically meant that I had to be reintroduced to all of them. And for the record, they said they couldn’t tell a difference between mine and Jenny’s accent. That’s right, dad – they ALSO think I’m citified…

So the guy on the far left is Steve – he’s the only guy that actually works in the building which served as the source of all the questions.

Beside him is Adriana – she was quiet as a church mouse until the Formula-1 question came up, at which point she suddenly became the font of all knowledge. She’s Brazilian, and apparently the dude in question was as well. All I could think to myself was “Matt Kenseth could kick that guy’s as$$.”

The gal at the end of the table is Bev – no, sh’e not an Mi-6 assassin – she just didn’t want to be in the photo.

Then you’ve got Bob – he ROLLED through the picture piece and some of the sports stuff – full marks. Tom – now’s a good time to tell you that I MISSED who won this year’s Tour de France. And did you know there is a POLKA DOT JERSEY? Really? REALLY?

Then, of course, there is all that is right and good with the world – my muffin puffin – who served as the scribe for the team.
It was a blast, and we left there to meet our guests (who I'm still not introducing...yes, I know I'm evil...let the drama build until tomorrow).
Okay, sorry so short, but it's 12:30 and I've GOT to go to bed (don't worry, work family, I'll be just as productive as I always am...please keep the jokes to a minimum...).
That's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!
Sam and Jenny

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