Friday, 7 January 2011

And so the "ang mo" begins to get settled...


And a GREAT Saturday morning to you from across the Globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. Sammy the Bull is typing this at 8:15 AM local time because he actually got his lazy ass out of bed this morning and did a 5 mile run around the Marina. In a word - WOW.

I actually woke up at 6 and walked to Fitness First (our gym), only to find that it didn't open until 7. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it meant I had no choice but to run outside. And honestly, given that it's "rainy season" and was early, the temperature actually wasn't too bad.

The run was really, REALLY great, and it got me in the right frame of mind to contemplate the fact that the Sing is now home. As I jogged over to the Merlion Lookout point and turned to see the Marina Bay Sands Hotel illluminated against the dark sky, I think it finally hit me that this place, this amazing, vibrant city, is now home. And as I jogged along Raffles Place and then through the Marina, I was treated to a SPECTACULAR sunrise over the Sands hotel. I mean, we are talking EXTRA AWESOME. I wish I'd been carrying a camera!

But enough about today - let's recap Friday. The work day was good - very busy, and I'm quickly getting involved in all kinds of foolishness in the office. Also, one of the folks accidentally referred to me by the "Singlish slang" for Westerners, so I now know my first word in Chinese - "ang mo." She was quick to laugh and say, "Don't worry - it's not derrogatory in any way." I responded back: "Right - neither is 'gringo' according to folks from Mexico" (or Boricua's parents, for that matter). I had lunch with my team as well - we hit this Thai place called (appropriately enough) "Eat Thai." Honestly, these Singaporeans are clever - who'd have EVER thought of that name? Can I just say that Tom Yum (or however you spell it) soup is pretty much the GREATEST STUFF EVER? We talking CHANGE YOUR LIFE GOOD (and YES - peppy cheekies).

But I feel I simply must let folks know something. Now those of you who know me are well aware that my fashion sense is, well, somewhat off kilter (insert Hairless screaming about how that's the understatement of the millennium). An example is my propensity to wear "Beer Monster" socks into the office (which, incidentally, you'll remember were a gift from my Perfect Pumpkin). And whilst only costing 1 quid, those socks have been ROCK STARS.

Hitman - I tell you all this because, on Thursday ,I broke out one of the pairs that you'd given me. Are they sharp? Yes. Did I look stylish? Yes. Do they already have TWO holes in them? ABSOLUTELY. I tell ya what, a guy just can't win. Granted, it might have been my fault for walking a mile in new shoes with them, but I'm tellin' ya now - these fancy clothes are gonna break me up!

Dinner that night was at the Paulaner Brewery with P-Dawg and Terri Peeters. That's right, sports fans, GHR is a small world, and despite flying halfway around the globe, I am still blessed to be able to meet up with friends. And whilst we didn't go for steins (beer gets hot too fast) or pork knuckle, I did throw back 2 pints (at $18 a POP!!!! SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!!!). But I had an AFD on Thursday, and I expect to have one either today or tomorrow. After all - how else can I ensure our kids can afford college?

Two final things:

1. Hitman - I started and finished "One Second After" by William Forschten on the plane. Not quite like how you described "The War after Armageddon," but it was a CHILLING read that's still bothering me a little bit. Consequently, I highly recommend it.

2. KJ - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! EXTRA AWESOME, MOST SPECTACULAR NEWS!!!!! Raise a glass of Fat Tire for me!

Okay, it's 8:30 and Sammy the Bull needs to finish eating and getting ready before meeting some old friends for a day of exploring. That's all the news that's fit to print. Chat later today!


Sam and (chilling in the A-T-L with sis and her cousin right now) Jenny

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