Saturday, 15 January 2011

Let's DO the TIME WARP again!!!!!!!!


And a good Sunday morning to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. After barely moving aside from exercising and sleeping 11 hours, Sammy the Bull finally feels better today. Yesterday's diet was mostly fruit, but I'm already back to form, as evidenced by the ocean of Doritos I just shoveled down.

Saturday was a very EASY day, especially considering that I spent most of it in the house reading and trying to move as little as possible. I'm about halfway through "Up in the Air," which I've quite enjoyed so far. True - it's a bit exaggerated in places, but I think the author does a nice job of showing a) how easy folks can lose touch with reality and b) how addictive travel and its associated perks can become. So far, it's been worth the money.

Yesterday's featured exercise was - for the FIRST TIME IN 20 MONTHS - swimming!!! A few comments about the "first laps back" :

1. HOLY @#@$ am I out of swimming shape. I looked like Snooty swimming with a pack of Olympic dolphins in that water. WOW.

2. After about 50 meters of freestyle, I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

3. The view (I forgot to take a picture) from the pool is EXTRA AWESOME. It's cut out of the side of a building, and every time you pop up for air you have a view of the Central Business District (CBD) and the Singapore Flyer (think London Eye).

4. They don't do lanes in Singapore - you're all basically in a cement pond trying NOT to run into each other. For me, that didn't always work. Oh, how I'm sure they LOVE out of shape white people in the pool...

After swimming I stopped by the Esplanade theater to pick up tickets, pausing briefly at the civilian war memorial. This monument was erected to commemorate the civilian causualties during Japanese occupation from 1942-45. It was simple yet interesting, and definitely worth a brief visit.

But I'm sure by now the readership is asking: "What did you buy tickets for, Sammy?" Well, in case the title of the blog didn't give it away, I went to see theBIGGEST, the BADDEST, the SEXIEST, ROCK 'N' ROLL show of all time. That's right, folks, despite the absence of toast, tights, or a boa, Sammy went to see THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, BABY!!!! And let me tell you - it was, quite possibly, THE MOST fun I've ever had at a musical.

I mean, I must confess that I had my reservations about them truly going ALL OUT here in Singapore. After all, they claim to be fairly strict about sexual references and language. After seeing this show, however, I'm pretty convinced that there IS NO MINISTRY OF CENSORSHIP - WOW. Hairless - I will warn you right now - sitting through this show would have been your own personal hell.

Picture folks dressed up like trannies, EVERYONE in a boa, and the crowd yelling out throughout the show exactly on queue. The narrator was a local Singaporean actor, and I'm pretty sure they'll cane him for having participated in this show. But vocally, you just WOULD NOT HAVE BELIEVED the talent on that stage. It was a true rock opera, and it was a BLAST! People stood up and danced the time warp, which was HILARIOUS. We even got to dance it again during the curtain call - SO FUN.

After that it was back home, where I chatted with Muffin (and Mel Mel) briefly before sacking out and calling it a night. And now it's time to get amongst it and get a workout in. Since I'm feeling better, I think I'll go for a jog and see how that treats me. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and I just finished "Green Zone" with Matt Damon. I quite enjoyed it - DEFINITELY the best film that I've rented so far from Fitness First.

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat later today!


Sam and (exhausted from a full day of shopping at Target, Limited, and Banana Republic) Jenny

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