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And a good Saturday morning to you from across the Globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. It's official, sports fans - Sammy the Bull is legal to work in Singapore! Yesterday I received my "Long Term Employment Pass" from the Ministryof Manpower. It's basically a driver's license without the ability to drive, and I have to have it on my person at all times. However, as the alternative is to carry your passport at all times, I am NOT complaining. Actually, the only thing I am complaining about is the fact that I look like an AXE MURDERER in the photo. Seriously - just call me Escobar from now on...

So the work day was great - the week finished on a high note and was very productive, minus one teeeeeeny weeeeeeensy detail involving a single letter of the alphabet in Frankfurt. X - I hope this blog finds you still on a bender somewhere in the streets of Germany, with the thought of multiple bloody mary's on the flight home as further solace. It should be noted that, still reeling from the Dim Sum debacle, Sammy opted instead for a nice, mild Chicken & Bacon Ranch sandwich from (in the spirit of Amsterdam) - Subway, baby! Seriously - it's so far the ONLY place where I've seen mayonnaise. That stuff is more precious than gold here - same with mustard. I'm going to start calling both of them "unobtainium" (Rice - that Avatar reference was for you).
Also, keeping to my motto over here of "conquering the world - one Siebel ticket at a time," our team recorded some GREAT progress. Consequently, Martin (my boss) showered a few of them with chocolates. Check out a few members of my team!
I didn't work out yesterday, but I'm heading to the gym as soon as I finish the blog. Instead of burning calories, I consumed about 56,000 whilst crossing off another must do here in the Sing (and one I'll cross off about 700 more times) - dinner at Clarke Quay.

So back story - Clarke Quay, you may remember from the original mention of $18 beers, is THE SPOT to hang out in Singapore (and yes, they have OUTDOOR AIR CONDITIONING). There are about 46 THOUSAND bars and restaurants, all very cool, all very trendy, all VERY expensive. The selection of the evening (excellent call by the Terrier) was "Jumbo Seafood," which was a solid plan in theory until we sat down and Jackie said, "I don't eat shellfish." However, being the trooper that she is, we forged ahead, eating everything in the ocean.
I went for something called XO scallops - apparently XO is a type of sauce in Hong Kong. And whilst they were VERY tasty, let's just say that, from a digestive perspective, this morning's been a little rough for Sammy - and there's no end in sight. Shantan - we might be sampling your Christmas present if this continues...

Also, I watched "Knowing" last night. Honestly, for the 3rd night in a row I've managed to pick a film that is ABSOLUTE DONKEY TRASH. Seriously - this is a definite contender for the "Bottom 20" and maybe even the dreaded "Donkey Trash Ten" - it's THAT BAD. However, I'll be dropping it off for a new one today when I hit the gym - fingers crossed!

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat later today!


Sam and (sitting in Mel Mel's living room, drinking wine, petting Trooper, and sneezing because of that cat) Jenny

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