Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Birthday drinks and (FINALLY) an AFD...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond on this wonderful Wednesday - only 2 more sleeps until we're home!!! We are SO excited to see our friends and family again - we can't wait!

So apologies for now blog last night, but you can probably guess the reason for the delay...

So after work, we went out with Lynda and the work family (known as the "Outpost of Happiness") for Lynda's birthday drinks. Her original selection was The Parlour, the newest (and most shish) spot in the Wharf. However, upon walking in to find more people than a division of the Red Army and music loud enough to drown out a Space Shuttle launch, we decided that was NOT the place for us. Instead, we took a wander down toward West India Quay and landed at The Fine Line, a cute little wine bar (with beer as well!).

It was great - we had a full crowd, as you can see by the photo. In fact, we were such a big deal that even the Volturi graced us with their presence - check out Kat's crimson eyes (Twilight reference - if you have hair on your legs or are a girl older than 14, you probably won't - or shouldn't - get it).

After that, we rolled over to Srinam, where we had some of THE BEST Thai I've had in a while. I must say, after having hit many a Thai place, this joint ranks among the best. And Hitman - I am happy to confirm that ladyboy is still there and desperate to see you again. S/he gives you her/his best...

We parted ways about 11:30 PM, rolling home just after midnight and passing out.

Today we awoke up to FREEZING temperatures, and WE SAW SNOW!!!!! There were huge flakes blowing around the Wharf - it was really, really cool. And MAN, was it chilly. The walk home was NOT fun, but I was so happy about the snow that I didn't even care (mom - you would have been so proud).

Sorry so short tonight, but it's time to start packing, and it threatens to be an absolute NIGHTMARE. But at least I had my first AFD in 24 days...if my liver had regained any of its strength back, it would be smiling.

That's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow! The countdown is on!!!!!!!

Sam and Jenny

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