Saturday, 12 December 2009

A Christmas curry, loads of Timmy, and open air urinals...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond on this GLORIOUS Saturday morning here in the Mother Country. Apologies for no blog Thursday or Friday night, but as has become the theme as of late with the Markham/Tacy clan, we had some LATE nights. I can't help but think of the dodgeball quote: "Rough morning, boss?"/ "They usually follow good nights, Dwight." :-)

First off, it's worth calling out the Brian James (the good Doctor) Freidinger completed his first half marathon last weekend, rolling in at a time of 1:42:34 (Dinger - I think that's right). In case anyone's scoring, that is ABSOLUTELY HAULING ASS IN THE PIEDMONT. Full marks, brother!

Secondly - Samantha Layne is home! Rice - I know that we haven't caught up on Skype, but the photos have been GREAT man! In case anyone else wants to see, check the Rice clan out at
Okay, as for the recap of the last couple of days, the work portion is easy - crazy, very stressful, super productive, and always an adventure. The big news to report is that finally, after 6 months of trying, I now have a UK BlackBerry! Hitman - FOR THE RECORD - I actually tried to email you last night to show you I was using it. But alas - it kicked back. I know - DNM, DNM.
Thursday night was a BLAST. I went with my team for a "Christmas Curry" on Brick Lane. Brick Lane is "Little India," also known as the "Curry Mile." It is RAMMED with curry houses, each one begging you to come in, offering you a discount, and best of all - IT'S ALL BYO!!!!
Classic moment was when I went to the place where we ate (the "original" Brick Lane curry house) - Nazrul - the guy handed me a card and told me to walk down the street, show the card when I buy the booze, and get 10% off. The quote "You get special deal because you know me." So I walk into this place, where the drink prices are about the same as in the restaurant (but honestly, isn't it cooler to walk into a joint with your OWN BOOZE?), and I buy 2 Cobras.
Beside me, another girl has a different card from a different joint, which she shows to the guy behind the till as well, saying "Um, the guy at my restaurant said you'd give me 10% off" (different restaurant). And on the walk back out, 2 other guys accosted me with cards to give me a "special price." It felt like the bazaars of Cairo all over again.

The food was great, as was the fellowship. I went for the Red Chili chicken, which was DELICIOUS. Although, I must confess that, as pleasant as it was on the way in, it was NOT pleasant on the way out. Price - this is definitely a dish you'll want to avoid YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

Yesterday was great as well. We got to Leicester Square at 7 PM, where we roamed through ChinaTown before heading into SoHo to have dinner at one of Kim's favorite haunts - The Cous Cous House.
Well, as fate would have it, it was THE ONE RESTAURANT IN SOHO that was fully booked due to a party, so it was a 2 hour wait. Consequently, we rolled over to a bar called the Three Greyhounds (where we drank outside because it was FREEZING) and then over to an Italian joint called Zusilli for some apps and wine (which the fam picked up for Jenny and I - very sweet of them) before heading BACK over to the Cous Cous House, where we were told there STILL weren't any tables.
Luckily for us, Kim was making friends with the bouncer at this point, so we were definitely familiar faces. We THEN roamed to one of the 11 pubs of the "Shaftsbury Ale Trail" - The Cambridge, where we killed some Timmy T and I tried a new one - Rudpolph's Reward (tasted something like plastic). Then it was BACK to Cous Couse House, where (third time lucky) we finally got in. The place was delicious, and the owner came out and talked to Kim, and we ate some of THE BEST hummous and meat I've had in a long time.

And then, on the way home, we saw some of our council tax dollars at work - the open air public urinal - henceforth known as "The Lifesaver."

Okay, sorry for the short recap, but it's my turn in the shower, and we've got a busy last day with the fam in the Smoke - pray for good (and slightly warmer) weather.

That's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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  1. The open air urinal could be the beginning of an incredible paradigm shift. Or, on the other hand, it could simply reflect the savagery one can only find in the old world.