Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas at the Tacy's!


And a good evening to you from Lancaster, SC. NO MORE WORK FOR A WEEK!!!!!! Well, considering I've got calls tomorrow and next week, that's not entirely true, but hey - it's close enough and I'll take what I can get!

So today was a day of Dr.'s appointments (VERY exciting, I know). Appointment #1 was the dentist, where a 70 pound hygenist scrubbed, clawed, brushed, flossed, and pummeled my teeth so hard that every molecule of enamel in my mouth hurt for the next two hours. The only antidote? A tall Starbucks coffee with toffee nut - after Mountain Dew, it is the other nectar of the gods.

Appointment #2 was a visit to OrthoCarolina for the long awaited confirmation of the inevitable - I do, for certain, have a stress fracture. They took 4 x-rays (with nothing to protect the twig and giggleberries but a tiny steel plate, for the record - NO JOKES, BOYS), and the doctor had to stare at the film for about .00000000000005 seconds before he noticed it.

Consequently, check out the new fashion style. Who needs flannel plaid and a cane when you can rock...wait for it...wait for it...henley shirts and the BOOT! But hey - as awkward as it is to walk, at least I know for sure and have a way to heal it now. Price - you think shaving my legs will speed up recovery? In the spirit of Armstrong, I'm gonna start on my biography as well: "It's not about the boot."

The highlight of the night was Christmas dinner and presents with the Tacy family! We had some of THE BEST turkey ever, as well as enough stuffing to kill a small horse (or fill a large bird). I am so full that my stomach feels like an anvil has been deposited inside it, but I will quote the line BJ Freidinger gave me: "Dedication to food isn't eating until it hurts; it's eating WHEN it hurts. Fight through the pain." Well said, Dinger - or should I say, "The most interesting man in the world."

It was a GREAT night, and we had an absolute blast. We even got to see Kim! And while she and Jenny didn't give the epic dance performance we saw in London, it was still a great night.

Tomorrow is the journey over the mountain (on 26 obviously since boulders the size of HOUSES are still laying on I-40) before Christmas Eve with my half the the equation! I can't wait! And so you know, the blog will probably be very sporadic between now and 28 December. I'm hoping to get one in on Christmas night, but no promises.

That's all the news that's fit to print. Chat with you all soon - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sam and Jenny

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