Wednesday, 3 February 2010

And Muffin forces Chubby Hubby off the AFD streak...


And a good evening to you after another GREAT day in the mother country. Today was another good one, filled with productivity in the Outpost of Happiness followed by another workout (25 minutes on the bike). The foot actually felt a little better today. It still tingles a bit when I'm on the bike, but as long as the sharp pain isn't there, I'm not complaining. I figure I'll continue wearing the boot for another 2 weeks, perhaps mixing in the occasional day of Baffin's (mom - so far they haven't let me down).

After a good day in the office, I rolled home to find muffin puffin starting a load of laundry and making dinner (women, SUBMIT! - that was for you, Price - now we'll both be on the couch tonight). In addition, due to muffin puffin having a tough day at the hands of the 1+11 forecast, a bottle of Sainsbury's wine (translation: Three Buck Chuck in the UK) was open and at the ready (and actually pretty tasty!).

After that, the lovely Catherine Cay found us on Skype, at which point we planned our next adventure (that's right, Alison - gear up to be our tour guide in the Lakes District), and now I'm sitting here listening to "Sexy Chick" by David Guetta (featuring Akon, of course). Funny thing is that I thought I was really cool downloading it last night until Megs (from Team Maple Leaf) told me that song was "sooooo three months ago" - Quality. Megs - all I have to say to you is DNM, DNM (hi-po, of course).

Tomorrow should (hopefully) be another 2-a-day, featuring the a) embarassing weight lifting in the morning (but at least this way I dodge the Kapauela dude who was lifting weights and then KICKBOXING tonight - normally he just looks at me with utter disgust), followed by b) the rather pathetic cycling session (where I stare at Sky Sports - their version of ESPN - and watch reruns of the international DART throwing competition...and NO, I'm NOT joking...). All the same, bring it on - BEEEEEEEF CAKE!!!!!

P.S. - Deets - I officially have a nickname for you: Old School. That's right - embrace it. Love it. And just tell me - can I get a neuf, neuf?

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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