Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's Day - Taylor style...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond after a GREAT Sunday in the mother country. So today was just simply perfect. For starters, we slept until noon, at which point we looked at each other in bed and decided we didn't really want to see St. Alban's all that bad. After all, we've seen quite a few castles and churches at this point, and we just didn't feel sufficiently movitated to get out in the cold, gray weather.

Instead, Jenny made a dash to Sainsbury's, and 30 minutes later I was treated to a GREAT English breakfast - Jenny Taylor style. Ignore the clutter on the table (Rocia will take care of that tomorrow) and check out the apple & pork sausages and the eggs (over easy - witness the surgeon of the kitchen in action!) Add in some coffee and OJ, and you've got a GREAT brunch (at 1 in the afternoon).

We watched 2 hours of Olympic coverage and 2.5 hours of Six Nations coverage (England held off Italy for the 16th straight time, this time in Rome) before chatting with Rice and company on Skype - Sam is getting SO BIG!!! Also, we sat around for a couple of hours reading - I've started "No Country for Old Men," and I LOVE it. Jenny was a picture uploading machine, and we now have 4 new photo albums on Facebook - way to go, muffin!

Around 7, we decided it was time for our "Valentine's Day dinner," so I walked over to Sainsbury's again (that way we could both claim to have actually walked outside today) and picked up a pizza (as well as a pack of pepperoni to add to it, of course). Throw in a bottle of UK 3 buck chuck, and you've got a dandy meal to eat whilst watching some additional Olympic coverage.

The only sad news? After 13 years (and recently celebrating it on the blog), I lost my UNC Fleece last night. I took it off at the craps table, and due to the heat in the casino, I never thought about it again, even on the walk out (I was rockin' the wool coat at that point). I called them tonight, but they said they hadn't found anything, and the gaming floor was completely clean. I'll check on it when I'm there in just over a week's time (the Americans are coming back), but I'm not hopeful. But that's okay - we had 13 GREAT years, and I just have to trust that some needy kid is warmer tonight...even if there are about 57 holes in the fleece and it isn't exactly known for knocking off the British Winter Chill. UNC Fleece - thanks for the memories.

Over the last two hours, we've made good on our promise to get some stuff booked, and now we're about to shut it down for the night and actually get in bed at a reasonable hour. So as you can see, we've been sedentary today, but at least we've been productive!

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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