Monday, 1 February 2010

Ode to a long time amigo...


And a good evening to you yet again on this chilly Monday in the Smoke. Today was a GREAT day at work. Seeing how fat I have now truly become, I opted for a salad at lunch. Now I realize that, to most folks, this doesn't seem like that great of a sacrifice. However, when you consider that the gal beside me had SQUARE PIE today, you'll see the kind of torment I endured, all in the sake of turning my muffin tanks back into muffin tops along my wasteline.

In the evening, desperate to get some exercise in, I went to the gym, where I was FINALLY able to get back to the treadmill - YEAH, BABY! That being said, we are talking a 10 minute walk over 1km of even ground, followed by 20 minutes on the bike at an easy pace. That being said, it's progress, baby!

Jenny didn't have quite a much fun working out, as LA Fitness lived up to their reputation of trying to SCREW PEOPLE OVER. Today she was charged an initiation fee for the SECOND time, and when she went in to protest, the guy behind the counter said, "Yeah, sorry - I definitely told you wrong. However, there's nothing I can do about that now." Jenny was agitated and I've already ordered 14 drums of kerosene. We'll see how it goes...she's got another date with them tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

In an effort to show folks how much my fashion sense has progressed, I thought you might want to check out the stylish get-up that I walked home in. Vampires, beware - that's all I'm sayin'. Well, no, I'm also asking - do I make you randy, baby? Do I? Jenny took 1 look and said, "You didn't walk home in that, did you?" The follow-up from her without prompting 2 seconds later? "Of course you did."

Also, tonight I must pay homage to a long time friend - my Bomber jacket. Today is the 8 year anniversary of our brotherhood, as it was the last present my mother gave me before sending me off to the Queen City. As I reflect back on my time with the jacket, 3 quotes come to mind:

1. The bomber jacket, the buzzed hair, the texan accent - please stop before men all over England become intimidated!

2. Nice jacket - you been out killin' Germans?

3. Indiana Jones called. He's in the Temple of Doom freezing his ass off and would REALLY like his coat back.

Mom - just wanted you to know that he's alive and well and still having many an adventure in the Mother Country.

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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