Sunday, 7 February 2010

Porterhouse Red and Pinotage...


And a good morning to you from across the Pond on a GREAT (and potentially sunny!) Sunday in the Mother Country. Yesterday was GREAT - once we left the flat (later than expected, to be sure), we took the long route to Covent Garden, including a catch-up with both Jenny's parents and my dad, followed by a stopover at Samurai Sushi for a late lunch. This was the first time in 7 months that JT's had sushi (it's just normally too expensive here, but this place was reasonable - hopefully we didn't get additional bacteria for that bargain price), and this place DID NOT disappoint. And so, 13 pieces for me and a bento box for Muffin later, we were en route to Covent Garden. On the walk, we noticed that Chinatown is already gearing up for the Chinese New Year festivities - LG - we're lookin' forward to it!

We met Dean around 3 PM and made our way to the Porterhouse. Granted, it was rammed, but we did manage to score a table, which was great for my foot. We actually spent about 4.5 hours in there (catching a bit of England vs. Wales Six Nations), and in that time we were actually pretty well behaved (I managed 3 Porterhouse Reds and a Tusker). We then popped over to SoHo, where we tried to get into "Nadine's." Kim - you'll be happy to know that your bouncer friend is still there, and it's STILL impossible to get in. However, we weren't too disappointed, as we rolled over to Bistro and had a GREAT meal there (even if we were buried in this vault with the loudest laughing dude on the planet and had a waitress whose command of the English language was...well - NIL).

After calling Dommie to wish her a Happy Anniversary (six years ago today Jenny was at their wedding in Sydney), we parted ways and headed home. Once home, I caught up with mum for a bit on Skype before calling it a night around 1 AM. We "popped" up again this morning about 12, and I can confirm that last night was one of THE BEST night's sleep of my entire life.

Well, the tea kettle is brewing, and I'm due for a shower. Then it's back off for another day of activities with Dean!

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat later tonight. GOOOOOO COLTS!!!!!


Sam and Jenny

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