Sunday, 28 February 2010

Surprise Blog from Wife Muffin!!!

Hello Family & Friends! In the words of Sam Taylor...I got a "wild hair" and decided to blog about my weekend in London while Sam and Ray were out gallivanting around Portugal. My weekend was very good but not as exciting as whatever Sam will prob write about, so you have been warned. :)

Friday night consisted of skyping with my parents and in bed early because I wasn't feeling so hot. Woke up Saturday about 9am and met my friend Yasna at Victoria station for our big day out to Leeds castle! We caught the 11am train and in about an hour we turned up at Bearsted in virtually the middle of nowhere. The shuttle to the castle only ran every hour so instead of waiting 40 min for the next one, we had to catch a taxi. That's fine, a bit odd only once an hour but that's cool. What wasn't cool however, was when we asked the driver when the last shuttle runs back and he replies 10 til 3, even though the castle closes at 4. Hmmmm, that doesn't make much sense. Not too tourist friendly out here. But regardless, we ended up having a great day exploring the beautiful grounds and the main tower, which for you US folks was a bit like the Biltmore house where you got to see various rooms as they may have looked back in the day. There honestly wasn't too much to the castle tour and the highlight of the day was probably the bird sanctuary, the maze and the tea & scones, not necessarily in that order. :) Anyone in the UK who hasn't been to Leeds Castle, let me just save you the trouble and tell you you're not missing all too much! Haha! After we covered everything, a very nice couple ended up offering us a ride to the station which was super cool. We check train times and then got a quick pint and late lunch at a nearby pub. Superb!

Back at Yasna's in Balham we picked up some munchies and settled in to a night filled with...wait for it...wait for it...SEINFELD!!!!!!!! That's right, we prob watched about 5 hrs worth of episodes from season 4-6 including The Puffy Shirt, The Mango, Christmas Card (although it's not called that), The Soup Nazi and The Junior Mint to name a few. (Sam is cringing right now whenever reading this I am sure.) It was fabulous!

Today we lounged around her flat and started to plan our Slovenia trip at the end of March. After hours of research with American Idol on in the background, we didn't book anything BUT feel like we have a good plan. We need to find out about International Drivers Licenses tomorrow before finalizing our mode of transport and hence accommodation. So we are getting there!

Right now I am back at home doing laundry and will probably get to bed early again because still not feeling 100%. The US-CDN gold medal match starts at 8:15 here so will probably watch some of that before calling it a night.

It was a very fun weekend but way too short as always. Since Sam isn't here in person this is for you babe..."I don't wanna go to work tomorrow!!!" in my best whiny voice. LOL! Hope you and Ray are having a great time. Miss you and love you! Yazz - BRING ON SLOVENIA!!!!!!! Had a great weekend! Thanks for having me and hopefully I don't get you sick!

Jenny (aka Wife Muffin)


  1. You did a great job having a fun time while the boys traveled about Lisbon! Good for you.. my weekend wasn't as fun, Ray will owe me big when he gets home : )
    International drivers licenses.. wow you are a brave gal!
    Have a great week!

  2. Nice glad you enjoyed! It's actually quite fun once in a while (shhhh don't tell Sam.) Miss you!