Thursday, 18 March 2010

All the calories you can handle, baby...


And a GREAT evening to you from across the Pond on this GLORIOUS Thursday in the Mother Country? Why is it glorious, you ask? Because it's the FIRST DAY OF 2010 ABOVE 60 DEGREES!!! Winner, winner, chicken dinner, baby!

So yesterday was, well, simply AWESOME. For starters, I logged an hour on the bike, and I was feeling really good about myself post-workout. I felt even better when my tummy started rumbling, as I took that to be a sign that the METABOLISM WAS BACK, BABY. Consequently, I went downstairs to pick up some porridge or some mueslix. However, I just couldn't do it. I was an athlete again, damn it, and I wanted real food.

Two minutes later, I am in line at Square Pie, where I was sucked into the "Full Breakfast Bap" (Bap means sandwich, for the record, and "Full Breakfast" means "YOU ARE ONE FAT BASTARD IF YOU ORDER THIS"). Seriously, THIS was a RELIGIOUS experience. We are talking 3 slices of sausage (COMPLETELY unidentifiable meat, of course), 2 slabs of ham, and then an egg they slap on top (taken from some incubator) slathered in mayo. If that isn't Heaven, then someone tell me what is.

The afternoon continued the trend, as I was STARVING a scant 3 hours later. There were several options: falafel wraps, salads, vegetable soup, etc., but why have those when you can have a STEAK, ONION, AND BLUE CHEESE PANINI. That's right, baby - that sandwich NEVER stood a chance.

Then, at 5:30, it was Go time for St. Patty's Day! And what does one drink in the British Isles on St. Patty's Day (Cy and Donkapotamus - traps shut - I didn't have a Honeydew)? Why, Guinness, of course! That's 281 calories of goodness in every pint...or 843 calories in my case (why have one when you can have 3 for triple the price?). Honestly, it was a good 2 hour session at the C & C with 3 other expats and Brother Morgan, so no complaints here (and no pictures either since, well, that's not what dudes do).

I then rolled home, where my wife was rockin' her second Honeydew and checking email. We laced up our trainers (that would be tennis shoes) and rolled over to the Raj, where we each took down a Cobra and a curry - SO GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD (Peppy Cheekies). I don't know how many calories are in that, but I can tell you it was WICKED tasty.

The culmination was passing out at 10:14 PM, rising up this morning at 6:13, one minute before my alarm (Dad - I clearly have your genes; CP - contain your shock at the previous sentence - I swear it's true). I rolled to the gym, where the 47,000 calories paid off. I rocked the bike for 75 minutes today, rolling through 42kms (that's a MARATHON, baby!) and burning over 500 calories. Talk about feeling good!

Of course, I promptly put them back this evening, as I met Muffin Puffin at the flat before walking the 35 steps over to the Mason's Arms (which you'll remember is the pub on our block). They had Timmy, Deuchar's, and Spitfire on draft (extra awesome) and Thai cooking in the kitchen (also extra awesome). As a result, the previous 2 hours have been spent with cask ale in hand, green curry in the (ever growing) belly, and Liverpool on the telly (movin' on in the Europa Cup - you'll NEVER walk alone). THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a recipe for a proper English Thursday.

It's now off to bed, as I'm (hopefully) rising at 6 tomorrow for another burner on the bike (before 2 days off at the weekend, of course). I can't believe it's Friday. BRING ON THE CODE FREEZE, BABY!!!

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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