Wednesday, 18 August 2010

And then he put a gun in my hand and I felt human again...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond after another GREAT DAY in the Mother Country! That's right - AFD for this guy, and I'm FINALLY feeling human again. Seriously - the first half of the day was ROUGH, but a walk along the river at lunch made me feel better. Throw in a salad for some nutrients and then 30 minutes on the bike, and you have a recipe for getting (slowly) back to normal. Regardless, tomorrow will DEFINITELY be another AFD.

Okay, so first off - ANNOUNCEMENT - there will be NO BLOG until next Monday. Why, you ask? Because the Taylors are headin' up North to CHESTER, BABY!!! That's right - Team Taylor is visiting the hollowed ground of "Shot Tower Close" for a series of crazy endeavors (which I can't name now, of course - you'll have to check the blog on Monday!). We can't WAIT!

So this evening's featured event was an unexpected one - a show at the National Theater. The National Theater, located on the South Bank, is actually a HUGE, sprawling complex of 3 different theaters, and it's REALLY cool inside. It's so big, in fact, that we had to walk up SIX FLIGHTS OF STAIRS to get to our theater (the Olivier). I mean, check out the fake "lawn party" before the show. They were blasting music, had deck chairs over the astro turf, and there were bars and restaurants ALL OVER this place.

We went to see the show "Welcome to Thebes," which turned out to be a retelling of "Antigone." Rice - Mrs. Ware would have been SO PROUD of me - I still remembered that bloody play and all that Sophocles foolishness.

Simply put, the show was FABULOUS - brilliantly acted, VERY well staged, tightly paced, well-blended humor, drama, and music - TRULY impressive. In addition the the Antigone theme, it is also a commentary on war torn countries and their dependence on the West to help them rebuild (and what they might have to sacrifice in the process of securing support).
The theater was HUGE, and the stage it's self simply massive. I am SO GLAD we went. And best of all? Tix were TEN QUID and we had PERFECT seats. I think we'll probably make another show there before we head home. Talk about a hidden gem!

Okay, as it's now 11 and we're just sitting down to dinner (with packing still to go), I am going to sign off.

That's all the news that's fit to print. Chat Monday. Everyone have a great weekend!


Sam and Jenny

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