Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Slandered all over the Queen City!!!!

And a good evening to you from across the Pond after another GREAT (but wet) day in the Mother Country. It was another super productive one today, and best of all, I slayed a dragon. After a week and a half of SOLID reading at every free moment, Sammy finished "The World Is Flat."
This is one that had been haunting me for years, nipping at my heels ever since Nik Patel first mentioned it on LoanSolutions. It weaseled its way into my life further when KJ bought it for me as a Christmas present (I did request it, for the record, as I knew that I would require the help of an enabler to put it on my bookshelf and begin the countdown to confrontation). And finally, knowing that I would have a year with nothing but cricket, rugby, and Coronation Street on the telly, I shipped it over to the UK, determined to fight to the death.

At just under 570 pages, it was a big book, focused largely on economic growth in the developing world and its impact on the developed world (with a focus on the potential impact to America). And whilst it was well written, I am glad that it's over. Friedman does make some great points, but I will say that his political views (easy Hitman and Big Cat - he's a Dem like me) are a bit over the top at times; in addition, I would say that he has a tendency for oversimplification (insert someone I work with making a "kettle and pot" reference here). X - I know that I recommended it to you, but that was at page 376. Having finished it, I'm not sure that I would still suggest you pick up a copy.

More importantly - I HAVE BEEN SLANDERED IN CHARLOTTE!!! That's right, my dear readers, I have recently learned of a conspiracy to post images of Sam Taylor all over bars in the Charlotte area. And since we all know that I don't condone drinking alcohol or intoxication in any way, shape, or form, I would ask that, should any of you see any of the vandals featured in the below photo, please report them to a member of homeland security. As for the image of my face, well...that will be the calling card that you're too late...

Aside from such despicable behavior, the work day was great. I logged 30 min on the bike and 15 on the treadmill, and it honestly felt pretty good! I was afraid I'd be dragging (I hit the gym this morning, just 12 hours after the Monday night workout), but I've had enough fuel in the last 4 days to propel me.
Tonight we welcomed back Staci and Steve from Paris, where all reports indicate that they had a blast (minus, well, 2 VERY small, minor incidents. Kluttz, don't worry - what you'll hear from them NEVER happens...EVER). We grabbed a last (and SO GUUUUUUUUUUUUD) dinner at Demartino's Italian, where Puffin and I SCARFED down some lasagna and rigatoni (fat free, of course). They are headed back home tomorrow - safe travels guys! We had a blast hanging with you! Next time we'll try to get in TWO rounds of Spades...

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!

Sam and Jenny

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