Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dinner or Tampons - YOU make the call...

And a good evening to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. So first off, ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be NO BLOG until Monday, 25 April. Why, do you ask? Because Team Taylor is breaking away from the Sing and headin' 5 hours north to it's Peninsular rival city - Kuala-Lumpur, baby!!!! Bring on the flamin' curry and the Petronas Towers. I mean, seriously - where better to spend Easter than in a Muslim country. I am ALL ABOUT culture.
So I realize that I look like a tool in this photo. In fact, I realize that I look like the entire Craftsman collection in this photo. However, sports fans, THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES TO DO 12.5 MILES ON THE EQUATOR. Seriously - you're looking at:
1. A camelback with 1.5 liters of water
2. A hydration belt with 16 oz. of water and 16 oz. of Gatorade
3. 3 salt tablets (I only used 2)
4. A packet of goo (vanilla - so guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud...peppy cheekies)
5. $10 in case I give up and need a) food, b) more liquid, or c) a ride home
Check out the diagram - it pretty much says it all (Tise - I'm thinking of the "If you're Vin Diesel, yell really loud" Airtoon - don't ask me why...)
I ran for 1 hour and 56 minutes tonight, my longest run in 25 months. The good news is that, with the new camelback, I had PLENTY of water, meaning I could pour the water in the bottles on my head. This kept me much cooler, and I had a good sweat the entire time.
And whilst I should probably be a bit disappointed that I did walk a few times (shut it, Miller) - 4 different stretches of 6, 5, 5, and 4 minutes - I honestly have no complaints, as I feel MUCH better than I did after the 11.5 mile run AND I certainly have the confidence that I can finish the race (even if it might not be the time I'm after). One of the old war wounds is currently acting up (the left calf - a recurring pain spot during the marathoning days), but no complaints. After all, it's nothing a 4 day break and some Advil can't fix!
I even "bumped" into Muffin Puffin on the way home, and we ran the last stretch back together. And speaking of Muffin Puffin, that's where the blog title comes in tonight.
So here's the deal - tonight Jenny is shopping at the Japanese place that Money and Dan introduced us to, as we'd decided on sushi for dinner (after all, it's the best thing for an exhausted, touchy, weak stomach after a HUGE run). Well, she grabs 4 things of sushi (we are talking high class stuff), and the price? $9.80 SGD. As she's picking up a few other bits and bobs, she goes down the "health and grooming aisle," where her jaw HITS THE FLOOR. She sees a ten pack of tampons (now granted, I don't know much about this stuff, but 10 doesn't seem like very many), and the price? $9.80 SGD! That's right, folks - dinner or Tampons. If you've only got a tenner, you have a tough choice ahead of you. Incidentally, a 36 pack? $30 SGD!!!! Granted, I didn't know that was bad until JT said "That's like $4-6 bucks back in the states." HOLY MOLY!!!!
Oh, and last but not least, an anecdote dedicated to T-Rowe and Hitman: so last night the Singapore Government announced that the upcoming elections were to be considered a National Public Holiday, which of course means that everyone is off. The best part? The elections are on SATURDAY, MAY 7th, meaning that EVERYONE IN SINGAPORE IS ENTITLED TO AN ADDITIONAL FLOATING VACATION DAY. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to an election that I can't vote in and won't be on the island for that takes places ON A WEEKEND when no one is at work anyway, Sammy the Bull now has YET ANOTHER long weekend to plan. Good times...
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat Monday!
Sam and Jenny

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