Wednesday, 6 April 2011

From Red Dot to Tawandang - the Typhoon Taylor brewery tour of Singapore...

Family, And a good evening to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. So I'm sorry about no blog last night, but it was a late night with peeps, and I didn't want to send out a blog with more fragments than complete sentences. True, I'd only had 3 pints, but that actually ties our biggest consumption night SO FAR IN SINGAPORE. Hitman - go ahead and tell me how disappointed you are right now. For the record, I did train hard and prep for your victory - only to be abandoned at the last moment. Just sayin'... So last night was GREAT - Team Taylor met up with Money, Big D, and my buddy Steve (work mate) for a night at Red Dot, which started as a small scale DISASTER but ended up solid. So long story short - I had been talking up the "Green Monster" beer (the one we had for St. Patty's Day) for a solid month, and EVERYONE was primed for it. Well, because I'm lazy and left work at 6:45, I was the first person at the bar at 7:15. I pulled up to the bar and ordered a Green Monster. Here was the conversation: Thirsty Sammy (TS): "Can I get a Green Monster, please." Bartender Whom I Now Hate (BWINH): "No." TS: "I'm sorry? Pint of Green Monster, please." BWINH: "No. Is gone. Is no green beer." TS: (HORROR in his face) "What the hell do you mean there is no green beer?" BWINH: "Is gone. Is not here today." TS: (IN SHOCK) "You only have FIVE BEERS on offer. How are you missing this one?" BWINH: (smiling because she doesn't realize I'm about to rip her throat out) "I sorry, sir." (chuckles - that @#$@#$@#$@#$!!!!!) "It is gone today. Was here yesterday. Will be here tomorrow. Is no here today." TS: "You know I could kill you and they'd never identify your body, right?" Okay, just kidding - I didn't say that - I ordered an English Ale instead... But despite that hiccup, it was a great night. We were there for about 3 hours, just chillin', laughing, eating, and having a GREAT time. All in all, it was an absolute BLAST. And best of all, we now have a GREAT Steve McArthur story...just sayin'... Tonight was great as well, as we rolled up to Dempsey Hill and visited the Tawandang brewery. We were treated like ROYALTY tonight, as a) they constantly checked in on us and refilled our beer, b) put us right under a fan at a GREAT table on the porch (you could hear the music, but you could still chat), c) served us some AMAZING food (that squid with chili and lime - LIFE CHANGING), and d) constantly brought us frosted mugs to keep our brewskis cold. It should be said that Dan was QUITE excited about the beer tower (as evidence by the photo - good times). We ate like kings, and now we're back at the flat, looking at pics and preparing for two more nights of immortality before they ship off. In other news, I finished "Nothing to Lose" tonight, which is my second AND LAST Jack Reacher "thriller." Simply put - those books are UTTER DONKEY TRASH. Seriously - Lee, HOW ON EARTH have you managed to rattle off 13 of those books? It's just rubbish, man - I have no other words. I'm glad you've been successful, but you'll never get a penny out of me. And yes, in case anyone's scoring - the Bull was lazy AGAIN today, but I'm definitely in the mix tomorrow. I'm thinking it's a 3-4 mile run, but nothing more (as my legs are STILL dead). Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow! Love, Sam and Jenny

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