Friday, 15 April 2011

A great night out - and a TOTAL BONK...

And a good Saturday morning to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!! It's just before 9 AM here, and the Bull has completed a (rather disappointing) 7 mile run. You see, today was supposed to be the normal "Saturday morning Rainforest Romp" - the 11 km run around Mcritchie that I do with the Shufflers. The morning started out as planned - a 6:10 wake up, followed by filling the water bottles and suiting up in the "Livestrong" outfit (T-Rowe's favorite). So far, so good....but then I went to book a taxi.
After an 8 minute wait, I was told (at 6:30 AM) that no cabs were available. No big deal, I thought - I'll just hail one on the street. Well, I step outside and what do you know - THERE'S A CAB!!!! I flag him down, he stops, looks at me, and then WAVES ME OFF AND DRIVES AWAY. I politely say a few thing about his mother and then wander up the road, where taxi #2 appears.
I flag this homeboy down, and SAME STORY: acknowledge, slow, stop, evaluate, dismiss, floor it. Needless to say I was LESS than pleased. So I rock back into the condo, where I call again - STILL NO TAXI's, and another 10 minutes of standing outside yielded NOTHING. However, in retrospect, I honestly believe that this was God trying to tell me something, as I went for a 7 miler around the Marina instead (the usual route), and it was a DISASTER. I only made it 35 minutes before I had to walk for 6, and then I logged another 15 before a 5 minute walk. I actually started to feel better toward the end, but after 1 hour and 10 minutes in the heat, I was DONEZO.
It's so odd to have had 3 straight GREAT runs this week, only to come up short today. However, I feel 2 things led to my demise:
1. THREE HOURS OF SLEEP. Why did I get 3 hours of sleep, you ask? See point #2.
2. INDIAN FOOD AT 10 PM THE NIGHT BEFORE A RUN. Seriously - I woke up at 3 AM with what could only be described as a BRICK sitting in my stomach, so I laid there for 3 hours until I finally got out of bed 1 minute before the alarm. Good times...
However, I have no complaints, as we found a GREAT new restaurant in Little India called, appropriately enough, "Delhi" (yes - VERY creative). Also, we did hit Red Dot for a pint. Steve - the Green Monster was back on!!!! Next time, brother - next time...
Okay, Muffin Puffin is officially up and at 'em, and so it's time to take the day. That's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!
Sam and Jenny

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