Thursday, 23 June 2011

A slight hiccup with a domestic chore...

And a good evening to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. The Bull is taking it easy today, as he will be for the next 2. You see, the famed "F1 Rainforest Romp Half Marathon" happens on Sunday, and based on Matt Miller's description of it, I'll be lucky to survive. I'm going into that thing with 6 salt tablets, my camelback, my fuel belt, 4 things of goo, and 2 power bars. Bring it ON! I logged just over 7 last night and 4 the night before, and I do feel ready. Now it's just a case of getting plenty of sleep and hoping that the humidity drops to about 156% on race day.
And speaking of running - I tried to be a good husband last night (I make the effort once a decade, so now I'm good) by putting a load of clothes in before going out to jog. Detergent? Check. Dirty clothes? Check (in fact, it was mostly my workout gear which REEKED). Power for the washer? Check. All the settings we normally use? Check. So all is good, right? Wrong...
About 2 minutes after I'd started the cycle, I noticed this weird smell in the washer/dryer
(remember that it's 1 unit). I had my workout clothes on, and so I just assumed it was some stench that was now baked into my Livestrong shirt (T Rowe - that was for you). Given that, I just took off and thought nothing more of it. But when I came back just over an hour later, the stench had PERMEATED THE ENTIRE CONDO. Seriously - it was like someone had put a decaying skunk in the oven and turned it up to 600 degrees. So I hit the kill switch, opened the door to get the clothes and noticed that there was no steam this time (which is odd, because normally vapor from MT. VESUVIUS ERUPTS OUT OF THERE). Thinking that was a good thing (meaning I'd timed it the way Muffin always suggests), I reached in and grabbed one of my shirts. HOLY @#$# IT WAS ON FIRE SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME AN EXTINGUISHER I'VE JUST BURNED OFF MY FINGERPRINTS!!!!!!!! Family - there are NO WORDS. My clothes were literally BURNING OR MELTING.
I had burn marks on my hands, and 3 of the shirts actually were SCORCHED. I was truly bamboozled - what had gone wrong? I'd pushed all the same settings that muffin normally uses! But then JT arrives, smells the dead animal, and asks me, "You did reset the washer as well, right? You didn't just hit start. did you?" Completely puzzled I reply, "I just hit the big button." Well, that is INCORRECT ladies and gentlemen - you have to hit the SMALL button first. You see, all I did was activate the DRYER, meaning that all I succeeded in doing was baking the "stank" into my clothes further (oh, and did I mention SCORCH 3 shirts?). And so, 90 minutes after trying the first time, we got the load going AGAIN, this time with perfect pumpkin in charge. I'm happy to report that "Round 2" results were better. :-)
It's been a busy week in the evenings, and tonight won't be much quieter. But hey - no complaints, as a rolling stone gathers no moss!
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!
Sam and Jenny

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