Thursday, 30 June 2011

The temperature "plummets" to 85...and the jackets come out...

And a good evening to you from across the globe after another GREAT DAY in the Lion City. Okay, so first off, announcement: there will be NO BLOG until Monday night, 4 July. Why, you ask? Because Team Taylor is heading off to...wait for it...wait for it...BANGKOK, BABY!!! Who's excited about raising hell amidst the elections? THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!
The Bull and the Striker did NOT work out today, but all is right with the world regardless, as I'm neck deep into my 3rd G & T (Grimshaw - still no Tanguray or Gordon's for this guy - it's all Bombay Sapphire, baby) and we've got delivery pizza en route - I can't WAIT. And considering that we're about to kick off some Phase 10, I'm thinking tonight could get a weeeee bit rough. But hey, it was a rough week and it's been 3 days without booze, so something had to give, right?
So today was a GREAT day to be in Sing Sing and watch the locals in action, as heavy rains forced the temperature into the low 80's, which is bloody FRIGID on the Equator. Seriously, I saw a dude wearing a coat today that I WOULD HAVE HIT THE SLOPES IN IF IT HAD BEEN NEGATIVE FORTY. I even had someone on my team tell me they'd bought a parka because it was so cold. In the office itself, EVERYONE was in a fleece and a wrap, as they were all DYING. I was in short sleeves and in HEAVEN, which is probably more proof that I havent' acclimated as much as I'd hoped in 6 months.
In other news, today officially marks the halfway point in mine and Jenny's time in Singapore. Honestly, that is HARD TO BELIEVE, as it's gone SO quickly. It should definitely be noted that we've LOVED our time here, as this is truly an amazing experience in a FANTASTIC city. However, I have no lie to tell - Jenny and I are SO excited about finally getting back to the states and settling down. Even crazier, next Friday will mark FIVE YEARS of marriage, which is so hard to believe. Last year, Jenny and I had our anniversary at Roast and couldn't believe that it had been 4 years, so imagine how shocked we are now. Even crazier is the fact that we'll hit our 8 year anniversary before we've lived more days married IN the US than outside of it. It's been quite the adventure, and I truly can't believe how blessed we are. I LOVE YOU, MUFFIN!!!!!
Bottom line, Team Taylor has 6 months left in their time abroad, and we fully intend to make it count. We are SO excited about the last 6 months, and the travel schedule is going to be particularly excessive (even by our standards). However, I can't tip my hand about anything - otherwise Shogun will tell me how boring we've become. :-)
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat tomorrow!
Sam and Jenny


  1. Travel is NEVER boring!! :) Enjoy BKK! Definately check out Siroco (Lebua @ State Tower).. An AWESOME rooftop bar if it's not raining..

    - Shogun

  2. Or if alcohol is actually being served! We had to skip this one due to the elections & alcholol ban, but rest assured we will hit it up in Aug.

  3. Ouch!! BKK w/o alcohol? Sort of like Pamela without. Well. You get the picture.