Saturday, 16 October 2010

Now THIS is some eatin'! A full on South African culinary experience at casa de Grimshaw/Marshall...

And a good Saturday morning to you from across the Pond after another GREAT DAY in the Mother Country. IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!! It's currently 1:18 PM at the moment, meaning that Team Taylor just logged 12 hours of sleep. And now, with the coffee brewing, the Mountain Dew about to flow, and yesterday's Krispy Kreme's about to be cracked open, I feel it's only appropriate to give you the play-by-play from yesterday.
So, for starters, Muffin Puffin came to the Wharf to work. She had been trying to get Krispy Kreme for 2 days in a row en route to Croydon, but, for whatever reason (call it a "baking" incident), the donuts weren't ready EITHER DAY at 8:20 when she arrived. SERIOUSLY? What happened to the old dude who used to get up at 4 in the morning and say "Time to make the donuts?" Oh, wait...that might have been Dunkin'. Details...
Anyhoo, we break off at the Tube, with Sammy going for Starbucks and Muffin going for donuts. When she goes to procure 6 however (these puppies are $2.50 EACH!), the lady says that 12 and 6 are the SAME PRICE! That's some kind of business model you've got there, guys. And you wonder why you almost went under...

The Land's End Challenge was good as well, with Taylor logging 17 KM on the bike (30 min) and then just a scant 2 KM on the treadmill. As I was running, I realized that my legs were SHOT. I am taking today off, but I'm planning to run tomorrow. I simply MUST make myself run 3 times a week, regardless of the distance. There are some tendons that need shoring up, and my big fat belly needs all the calorie burns it can get.

After work, I grabbed a couple of quick pints with Brother Morgan and his friend Grant at (where else) the Music Factory before rolling onto the Tube for the commute out to Kew. There, Jenny and I embarked on a CULINARY FEAST FOR THE AGES - a night of South African cooking with Lynda and Barry!!!

So seriously - we were treated like ROYALTY. We show up to the smell of AMAZING cooking, and we are immediately escorted into the kitchen, where we've got 2 types of chips (their version of Fritos - Grimshaw, WE INVENTED THEM FIRST!!!!) and 2 types of Biltong (a type of air-dried tenderloin, one of which was prepared with brandy) waiting for us. But, as Lynda says, you can't eat Biltong unless you have beer, and so VOILA! She whips out 4 different South African lagers to dance with. Castle, Amstel Export, Windhoek, and Hansa - all of them UBER tasty. And THEN Springbok biltong appears out of nowhere! Now THAT STUFF WAS GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD (peppy cheekies).

After a tour of their place (these guys have some AMAZING art, to say nothing of Barry's own work - that's right, during a back injury last year he just "discovered he was the next Picasso"), we settled down for a DELICIOUS MEAL of bobotie (using Grimshaw's analogy - think spiced meat loaf, but with better meat) and a bottle of FABU South African wine. Then it was onto desert, where we had melktert (I kept saing "milk turd," but that wasn't quite the correct pronunciation), which is a delish tart. Add in some Cooksisters (T-bone - I think if this as non-spongy golub jaman) and ANOTHER bottle of wine, and you are a recipe for being FAAAAAAAT and happy.

Jenny even got a birthday present (AND got to blow out a candle) - A guide book for South Africa! It's a GREAT book, filled with information, maps, and everything you need to know to get in trouble in the big SA. Thanks SO MUCH, guys!

We caught the last trains home, getting back to the flat about 12:45. 15 minutes later, it was nothing but snoring at the Taylor household.

Guys - thanks again SO MUCH for having us over and for the AMAZING meal. It was fabulous! See you again soon!

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Provided Team Taylor survives this evening, we'll chat tomorrow!

Sam and Jenny

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