Friday, 14 August 2009

Introducing...Sergey Petrov...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond. Today was another great, uber-productive day, but I apologize in advance for any poor spelling, as JT and I have had way too much tonight. It's really amazing how the UK brewski's creep up on you...however, no complaints, as we were all smiles and laughs. Case in point, check out my beautiful bride with Liz (sorry Mirza - you made the cut again tonight).

So after work, we rolled home and dropped off our bags before rolling over to Baker Street, where we met Sergey Petrov, the man responsible for getting both JT and I our visas to emigrate to the UK. Sergey hails from Russia, and we had an absolute blast. This guy was hilarious, especially with the description of how London was "boring." I'm sorry, what did he just say? In truth, we later found that he meant it as a compliment to the city, as Moscow was just too hectic, be it the Kremlin or the burbs.

We drank at the Volunteer (can you tell that I am ready for football season?) , which is the bar right beside 221-b Baker St (yes, there were about 10,000,000 tourists who took photos as we watched and chatted from the outside seating).

Dinner tonight was Indian (imagine that, Tom Price…) at our new favorite local curry house – Ranjoot. I went for the Vindaloo again, and it absolutely cooked me this time around. MAN, that is one hot dish. That being said, they do it perfectly. Jenny went with the Ceylon, which was quite tasty (and made for a jealous husband). Plus we were the only cats in there, which means that service was, for a change, fantastic.

Okay, sorry so short tonight, but I drank everyone else at the table (including the Russian) under the table, and I’m feeling it now. Plus we have to board a ferry in 9.5 hours, so I have to get to bed.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

P.S. If you are reading this as of Saturday morning, you are getting a slightly longer (and better) version. For those of you who read this late last night, sorry that it was like reading a four year old's "What I did this summer" essay. But hey, it just shows I love you guys and am committed to daily blogging!!!

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