Sunday, 16 August 2009

The return of the colonists to the Mother Country - amidst several busted Tube lines...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond. Today was another GREAT day in London, featuring some of the cast of characters I work with.

First off, we had a good “lie-in” as the Brits would say, sleeping until about 11 or so. We popped up for some brekkie of Museli and coffee before venturing to a pub I’ve been DYING to visit since arrived: The Hog in the Pound. It was great – Sean, Mark, Liz, JT, and I drinking and enjoying a glorious British summer day.

I had 3 Kronie’s and a “ploughman’s lunch,” which is code for cheese, apples, salad, and chutney (but we are talking an absolute SLAB of Brie and Cheddar, so no worries about my manhood).

After that, we wandered down to the Bear and Staff (Cy – not quite the Goddess and Puma, but a fun joint nonetheless – and Matt, I am sorry to report there was no feet ale this go around), where we had some Timmy Taylor and a new brewski – Mt. Snowdon Pale Ale (Brother Morgan – Yakeda). And while there were no great stories (because, after all, we are HR), at least we confirmed who has that Boom-boom-pow (sorry Liz, I had no choice).

We then wandered into Chinatown, where we met brother Narveson and then hit an old favorite – the Golden Dragon restaurant, where we took care of some crispy aromatic duck and several other plates. It’s worth noting that I requested permission to walk away after too many brewskis (the world was spinning more than a little). Yes, yes, I know, I know… however, I am happy to confirm that I was a class act all the way until the bill came -see?
After bidding farewell to that crowd, we rolled home, where I am now composing the last blog before what promises to be a LONG week in the Smoke. Lots of Americans, lots of meetings, lots to accomplish. But hey – bring it on!
Okay, sorry so short tonight, but there is some ironing and sleeping to get in before tomorrow.
Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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